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N.S.T. review @ OX#105


N.S.T. @ rockap.gr’s top 10 best albums for 2012

Rockap.gr: Tα καλύτερα albums του 2012

N.S.T. @ Necroslaughter.de’s top of 2012

N.S.T., both the album and the self-titled song, are featured in Necroslaughter.de’s top of 2012.

N.S.T. @ Ayin’s Razor’s 2012 in Music

Ayin’s Razor’s 2012 in Music

I’ve surprised myself by getting into extreme metal again. Well, for the first time really – apart from a teenage interest in Napalm Death and the rest of the Earache roster, I could never really dig the lack of emotional breadth or melody in much grindcore, and hated the overstatement of death metal. All that teenage phase left me with was a deep love for Mick Harris and James Plotkin, as well as a high respect for Godflesh. Really, two bands have sealed my embrace of the dark side this year: Dephosphorus – a Greek “astrogrind” band whose second full-length has garnered rave reviews from around the web. It’s beautiful, both physically for its art and presentation, and aurally. Brutal, abrasive but intelligent; psychedelic and furious, but controlled. There’s been a massive proliferation of screamy, sophisticated-ish black metal awash with blastbeats and all those same chords and sounds – Dephosphorus do something beyond that, and hopefully will continue to push the sound beyond the very narrow furrow it now inhabits.

N.S.T. #6 @ Casting Stone’s Best.of.2012.

The Casting Stone: Best.of.2012.

Εσωστρεφές, περιπετειώδες, διαστημικό grindcore. Κι όμως γίνεται. Δίσκος πρωτοποριακός, όχι μόνο για τα ελληνικά δεδομένα, αλλά γενικώς για τα extreme metal standards. Η ανάγκη για ζωντανές εμφανίσεις είναι πλέον επιτακτική.

N.S.T. review @ theKvlt (greek)


N.S.T. is #1 on Grind and Punishment’s top-10 for 2012!

We are stoked and honoured that Grind and Punishment, a mighty blog that has supported us from the beginning, has put “Night Sky Transform” on top of their list for 2012! Our  split with Wake is also on top of their 2012 list of splits

Grind in Rewind 2012

1. Dephosphorus
Night Sky Transform
7 Degrees

Dephosphorus transformed more than the night sky with their sophomore effort; the Hellenic trio upended many of my preconceptions about what grindcore could be and convey. Night Sky Transform has evolved so far beyond mere grindcore that even trying to squeeze them into that label feels like a gross disservice to what they’ve brewed up as they musically venture into the empty(?) spaces between the stars. The first time I heard Axiom in 2011, this immediately became my most anticipated album of 2012, and Dephosphorus did not fail to deliver, even if they charted a course I didn’t expect. Axiom was more immediate and visceral, but Night Sky Transform is ultimately the more rewarding musical experience if you take the time to invest yourself in its otherworldly meditations on the cosmic irrelevance of humanity and the splendor that is the universe at large. All hail aurora.

Grind in Rewind 2012: It Takes Two to Tango

1. Dephosphorus/Wake
7 Degrees

Sometimes the most brilliant gambits are the most obvious. Case in point, the excellent and ascendant 7 Degrees Records grabbed its two foremost bands — Wake and Dephospohorus —  and told them to each record enough music to fill one side of a 7-inch. The result was an absolutely scintillating pairing that proved to be a pivot from Wake’s Leeches (which graced last year’s list) to Deposphorus’ dominating Night Sky Transform. Dephosphorus had backed off the artistry of Axiom for something more primal and vicious, which put them firmly in Wake’s realm, giving the pairing a wonderful balance from side to side. This is absolutely everything you want in a split experience: two bands at the top of their game that clearly enjoyed the idea of working together.