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The Fermi Paradox via Grind & Punishment’s The Namesake Series

Grind & Punishment posted a feature about The Fermi Paradox, since both Dephosphorus and Gigantic Brain have write songs about it.

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N.S.T. review @ Pure Fucking Blood

What a fucking surprise?!?!?!?! Never heard of Dephosphorus before? Here’s your chance motherfucker!

Dephosphorus came from the deepest pits of the underground metal scene. They must be some kind of lords of the underground cause what we can hear onNight Sky Transform is more than the ordinary Let’s Fucking Destroy Everything hc-punk-black-death-thrash trash. They actually have musicianship and potential in their style. So if you like these dark, grinding, heavy, evil, etc. stuffs Night Sky Transform could easily become your new favorite.


4 points out of 5: Shining Darkness

N.S.T. video review @ JGCSOUND

Some fine words of praise, really encouraging. Hails for the support comrade!

N.S.T. review @ (German)

Interview @ Blasting Days webzine

N.S.T. review @ Metal Hammer Greece#333

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As announced earlier, the Blastbeat Mailmurder/Dephosphorus paypal store is now updated with “Night Sky Transform” LP, our new “Skull” t-shirt, both combined in bundles allowing you to save money by ordering multiple items together.

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Dephosphorus on the cover of Metal Hammer Greece’s inner extreme mag, Horror!

Brand new issue#333 of Metal Hammer Greece features Dephosphorus on the cover of its extreme mini-mag, Horror. A 4-page in-depth feature with the band is enclosed. Get it now!

“N.S.T.” LP + new t-shirt have arrived!

We have received at last our copies of the “Night Sky Transform” LP, as well as our new t-shirt! The LP is nice and feels solid and bulky, 7 Degrees Records did a fucking excellent job once again…

We’ll update our paypal store within the next hours, so watch out! Our local friends from Greece can contact us directly  via email, since it’s simpler to get it via “antikatavoli”, thus avoiding Paypal fees. There will be a post here notifying of the update, as well as a mail that you’ll receive if you’ve already contacted us in the past. Thanks for your patience and for the ongoing support!

N.S.T. review @ Don’t Count On It Reviews

I had heard quite a bit of Dephosphorus last year when they were getting acclaim for their Axiomrelease. At the time, I wasn’t listening to much grind so I didn’t pay much attention to it, but recently I have started listening to more so I went and checked out this new album. How could I pass up something that’s called astro-grind?
I have to say that when I came into this record, and based on what I had heard from others about the band, I was expecting something far more in the realms of grindcore. That’s not to say that isn’t in here, but for me, it feels much more like an even blend of black metal and grindcore, with a nice helping of avant-garde experimentalism thrown in for good measure as well. The production is nice and raw sounding, very authentic, which was what initially threw me off when I first listened to this, I was expecting something pretty polished, based on what I think of when I hear the term “astro-grind.” The rawness of the production actually does lend itself to the songs on here though, as they do appear to be more in the black metal vein on here (I can’t speak of the songs on Axiom) and it brings a bleak sort of nihilistic atmosphere to them. The riffs move between straightforward tremolo picking, death-grind blasts and chugs, bouts of energetic thrash, and something more interesting. It’s in those slower, more atmospheric sections where things start to feel a little bit like Deathspell Omega or something like that, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I wouldn’t say those moments are particularly DSO inflected or anything but I got a similar sense of uneasiness and discomfort while listening to them, once again, not a bad thing. Though it’s not slow at all, The Astral Putsch I: Plateau of Initiation pretty much gave me those feeling from start to finish, and I loved every second of it. I’ve listened to this a couple of times now and my feelings towards it appear to shift each time I’ve listened to it, though I can say I’ve never disliked it, each time it does feel like I am gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of the record which is something I can’t say I’ve gotten when listening to a grind band/album before.
I hate to sound like I’m just skimming over this, but it is a great record. I wish more bands in the grindcore genre would be willing to push outside of their crusty boundaries and do something like this. It’s turning into a pretty good year for grind, do not make the mistake of passing up this record.
Overall Score: 8.5
Highlights: Starless, The Astral Putsch I: Plateau of Initiation, Aurora

N.S.T. review @ zyk´s asylum (Portuguese)

Trinta minutos!
È o tempo que chega para novamente o trio grego Dephosphorus destruir tudo á volta e mandar cá para fora um dos melhores albuns deste genero dos ultimos tempos.
Não, aqui não se pega na sonoridade sueca para dar peso e mostrar que se está dentro da cena, não se usa vocais berrados daqueles á At The Gates, aqui faz-se tudo de outra forma, vão se buscar aqueles classicos do Crust, enfiam-se dentro de um caldeirão onde os ingredientes são tão venenosos que tanto podem ir ao encontro daquelas dissonancias mais proximas de uns nomes atuais do BM mais vanguardista, como de repente e quase por artes magicas puxar o legado de uns Nasum ou Nails das faixas mais violentas, isto tudo é claro como a agua mas a sujidade Dephosphoriana é que continua a mandar e a controlar totalmente a maquina.
O resultado final é soberbo, e a propria construção e ambiente dos temas transmite uma aura muito estranha, não muito usual nos albuns deste estilo.
Já no anterior a banda tinha muito boas indicações, indicações essas totalmente aqui confirmadas e mostrando realmente que Dephosphorus são talvez um dos mais potentes concorrentes com aquele som tão em voga atualmente e que veio preencher uma lacuna dentro de um movimento que apesar de ter alguns bons momentos ainda não tinha conseguido explodir realmente, como acontece nos dias de hoje.
Até a propria tematica lirica está totalmente á parte daquilo que usualmente se apanha neste genero, o que a meu ver só demonstra que até nestes pequenos pormenores isto está um pouco mais além do resto do rebanho.
Algo que realmente adorei foi mesmo o som da guitarra, forte e pesadão conseguindo fazer um contra-balanço quase surreal entre algo mais antigo com aquilo que muitos hoje se entretem a jogar, alias basta ouvir com atenção uma“The Astral Putsch II: Array of Truth”, uma “Unconscious Excursion (The Hidden Galactic Truth and a Sphere Full of Sorcerous Solutions)” ou a “Uncharted”(aquele riff aos 2m destroi-me!) para se ter uma noção mais realista daquilo que estou praqui a dizer.
Um album fodido, noturno, e de um vicio enervante mas com um efeito nefasto logo na primeira escuta que pior…as coisas ainda se tornam muito mais complicadas ao fim de umas 15 ou 20 escutas…

N.S.T. review @ Perpetual Strife

A great N.S.T. review courtesy of Perpetual Strife blog.

Without a doubt, grindcore can be a restrictive genre. Any genre could be I guess, but few more than grindcore as its pillars lay in short songs, a hybrid of punk and metal stylings and speed above all else. Some bands have successfully pushed the envelope, yet still retained enough of the zing that allows you to make the jump from Napalm Death to their sound. Examples aren’t illusive, nor are they plentiful. Bands likeGridlinkGride, and thedowngoing are just a few examples of successful innovation in the oft narrow minded world of grindcore. And while those acts are all great, few bands have the ability to become  unrecognizable or rather transcendent of genre;one such act being Greece’s Dephosphorus.

Fully cognizant of all the tricks in the book, Dephosphorus need not look to the stars to realize how far ahead in the game they really are. Appetites were whetted with their splits with Wake and Great Falls, but neither can compare to the band’s current pinnacleNight Sky Transform.

Foggy, dense, and ponderous, Night Sky Transform finds strength in nearly every facet possible. Songs are well constructed and diverse, from straight grinders like “Cold Omen” to a drawn out dirge like “The Fermi Paradox,” Dephosphorus encompass so much in so little. This is the crux of their sound and what makes the album so enjoyable. “Starless” has an infectious groove that has made it my favorite track on the album. Needless to say, like any good album, each track retains a thread, yet reinforces and builds the stitch.

Strained vocals, audible at times, viral at others, compliment the superb guitars well as they highlight the emphasis’s and scatter great lyrics like Orthodox incense. Shrouded in references and obscurities, lyrics often hint at grounded issues such as issues of authority or god, but other, more lofty ones such as our place in the Universe and the possibilities of other life and what forces propel us. Thankfully,  the band never comes off pretentious  but rather alluring like a modern Lovecraftian wonder in all things stary and untouchable.As the album fades, the words “all hail Aurora” chanted, maybe implying the Roman goddess who brought dawn to the world. Thought of this way, Night Sky Transform plays to change and creation and effectively ushers in one of the most original, powerful and simply awesome sounds in music today.All hail Dephosphorus.

Gargantuan N.S.T. review @ Equivoke!

Equivoke has uploaded a “Night Sky Transform” review  that is extensive and extremely detailed… It is encouraging that somebody has understood to such an extent what we are up to, and we wanted to achieve with our new material! We paste the entire review below as a backup, in case  that the blog goes down…

NB: Don’t be confused  by the fact that it’s referring to 40′ of  music and 14 tracks. The editor received an early electronic promo which included the N.S.T. album, as well as both split-7″EP’s…

Genre: Grindcore/Death Metal/Hardcore/Black Metal/Astrogrind
Region: Greece

Dephosphorus have returned with their first full record. I’ve been listening to Night Sky Transform for a little while now, but even when I had only heard the first two tracks at the beginning of this year I knew it was going to be something ferocious and formidable.

Now that I physically have it and have spun it an ungodly number of times even before it was in my grasp I can confidently say that this is my #2 record of the year at this point, and until I hear the new Tesa it’ll have to be something of considerable heft to move it from that spot. If you’re wondering what #1 is then you haven’t been paying attention.

I do admit that the first few times I listened through Night Sky Transform it did not hit me as hard as Axiom. I didn’t think it was bad, it’s just that I was a little concerned that they couldn’t follow themselves. But I had faith and returned to it repeatedly, and at some point it hit me just as hard as their first release. That alone is impressive enough. Being able to top such a devastating opener to their library is something I was concerned would not happen even though I trust in their creativity, skill and dedication.

Night Sky Transform is 14 tracks (exactly 40 minutes) of swirling blackened grindcore that is easily the best in it’s still ambiguous genre this year and a worthy follow up to their EP. What’s notable about the length here is it never ceases to impress and never wears on you; most grind and hardcore records that pass the half hour mark can become tedious and repetitious but this is far from what you experience here. Of course this is much more than pure grind or hardcore to say the least — Dephosphorus perpetually elude categorization.

Almost every track hovers around 3 minutes in length but they’re so packed full of exciting, gripping elements that you’re often surprised at how quickly they seem to progress. You’ll feel compelled to return to them in order to catch something you missed before. And yet it’s nothing overly complex at all. It’s not flashy or self-indulgent. That’s not to say the skill level isn’t impressive — surely it is on all fronts. And it’s all extremely tight and hasn’t dropped one bit from their debut. The important thing here is a completely smooth transition between all the various styles they’ve mixed, channeled through rich and very pleasing riffs Thanos conjures, wonderfully harsh vocal work from Panos, and Nikos’ percussion that is searingly fast and tastefully busy.

At first the production seems coarse compared to Axiom which felt very cold and clean, but by the second track you settle into it comfortably as it brings the rough, muddied texture of the guitar and the force of the drums into a new level of dynamism. It does not smother anything — Panos’ voice is not drowned, Nikos’ blasts do not burry Thanos’ mighty guitar work. Lyrically we see that the cosmological-spiritual themes glimpsed in Axiom are preserved and expanded upon, sometimes ceremonial in form, with (what I think are) subtle dystopian undertones taken to a celestial level in some songs.

Dephosphorus pour untold quantities of passion and intensity into this record. Fierce cosmic radiation seeps into each song as they retain their signature style, a unique atmosphere draping all songs, while on a few occasions they slow down and experiment ever so slightly with the strong formula they’ve established.

Examples of this can be heard in “The Fermi Paradox” which at the start could almost be confused with something Neurosis might have created: slow martial or ceremonial drumming, eerie twinkling atmospherics and minimalistic, bendy swelling grooves; as well as a switch for the first time to clean droned vocals to heighten the ritualistic feeling of astral projection through the dominating blackened chaos. Panos’ vocals are fairly varied on this record and just as terrifying. Desperate and agonized on the higher register and when he dips low they are an unearthly growl

“Unconscious Excursion” is another instance where things are slowed down for a time with thick sustained chords and once again clean moans. It’s a very hypnotic sway that is created, which is carried into a slightly faster paced second half where we return to some of that wonderful and tasty hardcore groove found throughout the record (accompanied by a short and howling solo). You can see this kind of formula work it’s way into the middle of the following track “Aurora” as well, continuing to the end. It gives variance between the rusted cacophony that tears through the coldest reaches of space, without dropping the power.

What I love about everything they’ve released so far is that they manage to capture the heaving weight of sludge at various points but never actually settle on it, so you don’t actually encounter or experience it in it’s pure form but taste the influence in a new, dark manifestation. This is kind of captured in it’s more distilled forms in the aforementioned tracks, but in almost every song you catch glimpses of it, alongside the death metal and black metal which stains the grinding hardcore.

I have to say that while I could easily say everything recorded hear impresses me (as it all does) which makes it hard to choose favorite tracks, I will say the first four songs are my favorites. “Uncharted” and “Cold Omen were wise choices to show off before Night Sky Transform was released, as well as being great openers to have back-to-back. Both have a very similar vibe and formula, sounding like a brief transition from where Axiom left off to the full earth shattering impact of this record.

Each riff in these openers is so addicting and well crafted, smoothly slipping into one another and leading to a dissonant and heavy dirge at the end; injecting the black metal with some sludge ooze to great effect. These ending caps have some lovely drumming to compliment the just as impressive guitar and vocal work. “Cold Omen” especially has some hurricane-force percussion. Both are captivating seemingly aided by the unceasing pressure of surrounding celestial bodies

“Starless” follows them with a more bouncy and mid-paced section on guitar while the drumming continues to awe, and when you hit that section at the 50 second mark it becomes truly spellbinding; shortly afterwards assaulting you with that blinding haste they channel so well. And then we hit the title track, decidedly more on the genuine hardcore side than blackened grind (on the outset at least) with flurries of discord added to the powerchords. You can still feel the astral atmosphere lurking within each moment however. By the time you’re halfway in a slow gratifying oscillation lulls you, signalling they haven’t dropped their approach at all, before a return to the previous thread.

From this point on we see Dephosphorus shape their formula continuously into deeply satisfying and intense new configurations without straying too far from their transcendental, darkened, angular atmospherics. It’s remarkable how they can transfigure their style and keep it fresh without losing the force behind it.

We see it in tracks like “The Astral Putch I” which starts off jarring before jumping effortlessly between grindcore with a definite black metal structure shortly after the intro, and then again near the end where a riff appears that reeks of evil; tremolo angularity feeds into chords of the same style. “The Astral Putch II” is split from the first by “Identifying The Encapsulator” — which is jumpy vortex of riffs — and is far different from part one. Slower at first, breathing deep and shining with a brooding cold patina, before jumping into more technical territory. It then shifts into a sharp blackened cascade shortly after, urgent and ominous; suddenly we’re back in the hardcore gear as Panos shrieks his last words.

And then as if to prove my earlier point we sink into “Stargazing & Violence”. A distinct death metal overtone is cloaking the opening minute, close to the old school on both the drums and guitars. Just as you’re settling into it we’re greeted with a delicious groove and before you’re finished enjoying it an escalating scheme of chords appears as Panos calmly and clearly speaks with it. The black metal enters and Nikos blasts us while Panos screeches — and one final return to a more hardcore flavor.

The final three tracks that close this record also appeared on their split with Wake released a few months back, and if you read my review of that record then you already know what my impression of them was at that point. The shortest tracks on the record and still being fairly different from each other in spite of your expectations of them being a burst of speed to close the record. “Unit” is certainly a scorching meteor, but both “The Final Computronium” and “The Cosmologist” have some nice slower sections crush you with. Sure they’re executed with a disturbing urgency but amongst the oppressive speed is breathing room, making the blistering pace all the more satisfying.

Why would you even hesitate to listen to this? This is an album of undeniable strength and creativity, something that blends genres so effortlessly and smoothly it can please practically anyone with working ears who can appreciate great underground music. A pleasure to listen to, Night Sky Transform is a huge accomplishment for these Greek grinders and that’s saying a lot when you consider their debut Axiom was one of the best pieces of grind-esque metal in the last decade this side of GridLink and A Scanner Darkly.

Listen to it loud and conjure an astral storm.

No download link this time even though it’s out there. Dephosphorus deserve your money, so go to bandcamp and download it for a measly $5 as it’s easily worth more than that. Stream it and hear for yourself I do not lie. Or you can go to 7 Degrees Records and send them an email to pick this up in vinyl form with some beautiful artwork. I just got my copy and it’s well worth the cash.

N.S.T. review @Blasting Days webzine

Many people were awaiting this first Dephsphorus LP (called Night sky transform and released this august on vinyl by 7 degrees records. also available as digital download). Because we knew with Axiom in 2011, and more recently with the splits with Wake and with Great falls, that this greek band offers some high quality extreme metal and has something like a “supplément d’âme”. Dephosphorus music escapes labels but I would describe it as a blend of something like norwegian and french black metal for the main part but with also influences from Slayer (some riffs and some drumming parts), post-hardcore, crustgrind and noise rock. The vocals, going from black/death to powerviolence are great, with diversity and a good rythm (there are also spoken parts on two songs and a part by Ryan Lipsky from Unearthly trance). Same can be said about the guitar and drumming parts :  quality, diversity and personnality. The songs are cleverly crafted and efficiently played. The lyrics, like on the previous records, are different from most metal bands, the issues covered are more “spiritual”, about the universe, humanity etc. The progression since Axiom is mostly in the production which clearly improved and in some songs adding more diversity (some slower, atmospheric, “post” parts, the spoken parts, etc,. for ex the song called The Fermi paradox).
I was expecting something very good from Dephosphorus and I’m happy to say that I’m not disapointed.
listen to it and make your own opinion on their Bandcamp page.

N.S.T. review @ Eklektik Rock webzine (french)

Review in french, courtesy of our good friend Clotaire @ Eklektik Webzine. We appreciate your honnesty man, and glad that eventually the magic worked for you! 🙂

“Night Sky Transform” digital download is out now!

“Night Sky Transform” is available right now to purchase as a digital download via Bandcamp for all of you who don’t play vinyl!

The starting price is 4€ (~5$), which we consider to be reasonable. This digital bundle comes complete with all the layout files.

We’ve made our debut MLP “Axiom” available as a free download back at the time (it’s still free nowadays but you have the option to donate via its BC page), therefore we’re not going to give you a morale lesson concerning piracy…

We have received a tremendous amount of support and appreciation so far, that we are totally grateful about. If you want to further support our cause buy this digital version or buy the LP (we are going to have our own copies very soon!) and our other vinyls. We will also have a new t-shirt very soon, and there’s also a few Large and Girlie sizes of our first one.

Thanks and we are waiting for your feedback people!

N.S.T. review @ The Living Doorway

Those of you who were smart enough to have been around when I announced my top twenty of 2011 will recall a furious slab of space debris entitled Axiom by Grecian astro-grindersDephosphorus, which blasted like a hellbent meteor through a zillion other records and landed on my ‘best of’ list. It’s a year later, my friends, and time to feast your senses on their newest LPNight Sky Transform, which will waste no time in expanding and collapsing your cranium into so much insignificant space dust. As with Axiom, NST attacks with a similar blend of hardscrabble grinding chaos and blackened riffage, yet pushes further into the outer reaches with the use of atmospheric passages and clean vocals. Quite excellent. You can stream the whole goddamn thing for a while over on Cvlt Nation or just buy a bandcamp download. If it’s not your bag I guess you could be a chump and get that shitty new Faceless record instead, but I highly recommend not doing that. Have some fucking standards, for christ’s sake.

“Night Sky Transform” LP out now, full album streaming @ Cvlt Nation.

The wait is over, “Night Sky Transform” is out now on vinyl format via 7 Degrees Records (myspace – facebook – email: 7degreesrecords {at} gmx {dot} net)!!! We remind you that it is pressed on 180g heavy vinyl, includes a gatefold cover, poster and download code.

We’ll have our copies in about a week from now, and you’ll be able to orderit directly from us on its own or as a bundle with our other vinyls and the new t-shirt that should reach us within the next few days.

The full album is streaming right now at Cvlt Nation, so hurry up and check it out! We’ll start  selling the digital version in exactly two days from now, on the 22nd. The starting price will be cheap, so we hope that even if you don’t have a turntable you’ll support us by purchasing it…

Concerning other formats, we count releasing on our own the cassette version of the album. This should happen within the next few months.

A lot of you have been asking about CD versions of both “Axiom” and “N.S.T.”. As we have found 7DR to carry our vinyls (and we are perfectly happy with them!), in the same way we want to find the right label which will take good care of our CD’s. Patience until then!

If you write for a blog, webzine or magazine, please contact our label for any promotional inquiries: 7degreesrecords {at} gmx {dot} net. If you want to feature an interview, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. In any case, all feedback is welcome via email (dephosphorus  {at} gmail {dot}) or facebook.

Thanks for your ongoing support and please spread the word. We need as much help as we can get!

New track “Aurora” streaming now at Cvlt Nation’s “Blackened Everything Vol.VII” mixtape!

Brand new Dephosphorus track “Aurora”, the third excert from “Night Sky Transform” is streaming now on Cvlt Nation’s Mixtape Blackened Everything vol. VII!


  1. Boddicker: Every Crime A Trophy
  2. Harassor: Path of Self-Cannibalization
  3. Noose: Conjuration of Etheral Malevolence
  4. SKVLT: Blacksmith
  5. Split Cranium: Tiny Me
  6. We Are The Damned: Christian Orgy
  7. Khmer: Lenguas de fuego
  8. KATA SARKA: Mired In Spleen
  9. Young and in the Way: Times Are Cold
  10. Votnut: All Is Cold
  11. Little Sister: Hunting the Hunter
  12. Deaf Kids: Christianity Standards
  13. DEPHOSPHORUS: Aurora

  14. Negative Standards: VII
  15. God Harvest: Creatures
  16. Iskra: Nihil
  17. Wölfe: Track 01
  18. BLACK BREATH: Mother Abyss
  19. Stob Dearg: Satanic Lust
  20. Church Whip: Gutteral
  21. Aksumite: Invoke the Spirit Jackal Cloak

“Night Sky Transform” packaging reveal, preorder open. New t-shirt coming!

Above is a picture of “Night Sky Transform”‘s LP packaging! It is pressed 180g heavy vinyl, includes a gatefold cover, poster and download code. You can preorder it right now from 7 Degrees Records (myspacefacebook – email: 7degreesrecords {at} gmx {dot} net).

You’ll also be able to order it directly from us when it will be out, on the 20th of August. We’ll also propose bundles with “Axiom”, both our split-7″EP’s, as well as our new t-shirt that we’re expecting in the next days! Please notice that the picture below is a mock-up preview, and not a photo of the actual product.

A bunch of reviews of both split-7″EP’s

Let’s recap on some press we’ve been getting lately.

Split with GREAT FALLS

Split with WAKE

Interview with Panos about Dephosphorus and more (in greek)

And finally, an old rant cum “Axiom” review we only came across lately, entitled “Don’t Miss Dephosphorus” @ Vitos Squid Stop And Death Metal Museum