Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC out now!

“Night Sky Transform” digital download is out now!

“Night Sky Transform” is available right now to purchase as a digital download via Bandcamp for all of you who don’t play vinyl!

The starting price is 4€ (~5$), which we consider to be reasonable. This digital bundle comes complete with all the layout files.

We’ve made our debut MLP “Axiom” available as a free download back at the time (it’s still free nowadays but you have the option to donate via its BC page), therefore we’re not going to give you a morale lesson concerning piracy…

We have received a tremendous amount of support and appreciation so far, that we are totally grateful about. If you want to further support our cause buy this digital version or buy the LP (we are going to have our own copies very soon!) and our other vinyls. We will also have a new t-shirt very soon, and there’s also a few Large and Girlie sizes of our first one.

Thanks and we are waiting for your feedback people!


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