Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC out now!

“Night Sky Transform” LP out now, full album streaming @ Cvlt Nation.

The wait is over, “Night Sky Transform” is out now on vinyl format via 7 Degrees Records (myspace – facebook – email: 7degreesrecords {at} gmx {dot} net)!!! We remind you that it is pressed on 180g heavy vinyl, includes a gatefold cover, poster and download code.

We’ll have our copies in about a week from now, and you’ll be able to orderit directly from us on its own or as a bundle with our other vinyls and the new t-shirt that should reach us within the next few days.

The full album is streaming right now at Cvlt Nation, so hurry up and check it out! We’ll start  selling the digital version in exactly two days from now, on the 22nd. The starting price will be cheap, so we hope that even if you don’t have a turntable you’ll support us by purchasing it…

Concerning other formats, we count releasing on our own the cassette version of the album. This should happen within the next few months.

A lot of you have been asking about CD versions of both “Axiom” and “N.S.T.”. As we have found 7DR to carry our vinyls (and we are perfectly happy with them!), in the same way we want to find the right label which will take good care of our CD’s. Patience until then!

If you write for a blog, webzine or magazine, please contact our label for any promotional inquiries: 7degreesrecords {at} gmx {dot} net. If you want to feature an interview, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. In any case, all feedback is welcome via email (dephosphorus  {at} gmail {dot}) or facebook.

Thanks for your ongoing support and please spread the word. We need as much help as we can get!


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