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N.S.T. review @ The Living Doorway

Those of you who were smart enough to have been around when I announced my top twenty of 2011 will recall a furious slab of space debris entitled Axiom by Grecian astro-grindersDephosphorus, which blasted like a hellbent meteor through a zillion other records and landed on my ‘best of’ list. It’s a year later, my friends, and time to feast your senses on their newest LPNight Sky Transform, which will waste no time in expanding and collapsing your cranium into so much insignificant space dust. As with Axiom, NST attacks with a similar blend of hardscrabble grinding chaos and blackened riffage, yet pushes further into the outer reaches with the use of atmospheric passages and clean vocals. Quite excellent. You can stream the whole goddamn thing for a while over on Cvlt Nation or just buy a bandcamp download. If it’s not your bag I guess you could be a chump and get that shitty new Faceless record instead, but I highly recommend not doing that. Have some fucking standards, for christ’s sake.


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