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night sky transform

7 years ago: “Night Sky Transform” was released!


we would like to take a moment to celebrate with you the 7th anniversary of our debut album “Night Sky Transform” by sharing a few memories and some possibly not-so-well-known facts!



Interview @ svartkorruption

Brand new interview in Greek!


Good Reads: Intergalactic Planetary, Planetary Intergalactic a.k.a. Dephosphorus vs. Philip K.Dick [via Grind&Punishment]

Good Reads: Intergalactic Planetary, Planetary Intergalactic


Dephosphorus @ Rocknrolla Radioshow

Dephosphorus @ Rocknrolla Radioshow

“Night Sky Transform” review @ Braindead Zine

(…) Maybe I’m just saying this because of the country that they’re from, but on some level I can’t help but think of a slightly crusty, metalcore influenced grind version of Dead Congregation because of their tri-tone heavy riffs. That’s not a very accurate comparison, but in all honesty I’m stumped as to what bands to really compare this to. Perhaps I would describe it as an incredibly evil version of something like Human Remains (though that’s a stretch) mixed with Dead Congregation, Ulcerate and something like His Hero is Gone or From Ashes Rise. All in all, a damned fine album! (…)

DEPHOSPHORUS "Night Sky Transform" review @ Braindead Zine


CVLT Nation Artist to Artist Interview Series: Vuyvr Vs. Dephosphorus

CVLT Nation  Artist to Artist Interview Series Vuyvr Vs. Dephosphorus

Mixtape 2012 by United Forces feat. Dephosphorus

Mixtape 2012 by United Forces (download)

Check out this cool mixtape!


N.S.T. review @ OX#105


N.S.T. @’s top 10 best albums for 2012 Tα καλύτερα albums του 2012

N.S.T. @’s top of 2012

N.S.T., both the album and the self-titled song, are featured in’s top of 2012.

N.S.T. @ Ayin’s Razor’s 2012 in Music

Ayin’s Razor’s 2012 in Music

I’ve surprised myself by getting into extreme metal again. Well, for the first time really – apart from a teenage interest in Napalm Death and the rest of the Earache roster, I could never really dig the lack of emotional breadth or melody in much grindcore, and hated the overstatement of death metal. All that teenage phase left me with was a deep love for Mick Harris and James Plotkin, as well as a high respect for Godflesh. Really, two bands have sealed my embrace of the dark side this year: Dephosphorus – a Greek “astrogrind” band whose second full-length has garnered rave reviews from around the web. It’s beautiful, both physically for its art and presentation, and aurally. Brutal, abrasive but intelligent; psychedelic and furious, but controlled. There’s been a massive proliferation of screamy, sophisticated-ish black metal awash with blastbeats and all those same chords and sounds – Dephosphorus do something beyond that, and hopefully will continue to push the sound beyond the very narrow furrow it now inhabits.

N.S.T. #6 @ Casting Stone’s Best.of.2012.

The Casting Stone: Best.of.2012.

Εσωστρεφές, περιπετειώδες, διαστημικό grindcore. Κι όμως γίνεται. Δίσκος πρωτοποριακός, όχι μόνο για τα ελληνικά δεδομένα, αλλά γενικώς για τα extreme metal standards. Η ανάγκη για ζωντανές εμφανίσεις είναι πλέον επιτακτική.

N.S.T. review @ theKvlt (greek)

N.S.T. is #1 on Grind and Punishment’s top-10 for 2012!

We are stoked and honoured that Grind and Punishment, a mighty blog that has supported us from the beginning, has put “Night Sky Transform” on top of their list for 2012! Our  split with Wake is also on top of their 2012 list of splits

Grind in Rewind 2012

1. Dephosphorus
Night Sky Transform
7 Degrees

Dephosphorus transformed more than the night sky with their sophomore effort; the Hellenic trio upended many of my preconceptions about what grindcore could be and convey. Night Sky Transform has evolved so far beyond mere grindcore that even trying to squeeze them into that label feels like a gross disservice to what they’ve brewed up as they musically venture into the empty(?) spaces between the stars. The first time I heard Axiom in 2011, this immediately became my most anticipated album of 2012, and Dephosphorus did not fail to deliver, even if they charted a course I didn’t expect. Axiom was more immediate and visceral, but Night Sky Transform is ultimately the more rewarding musical experience if you take the time to invest yourself in its otherworldly meditations on the cosmic irrelevance of humanity and the splendor that is the universe at large. All hail aurora.

Grind in Rewind 2012: It Takes Two to Tango

1. Dephosphorus/Wake
7 Degrees

Sometimes the most brilliant gambits are the most obvious. Case in point, the excellent and ascendant 7 Degrees Records grabbed its two foremost bands — Wake and Dephospohorus —  and told them to each record enough music to fill one side of a 7-inch. The result was an absolutely scintillating pairing that proved to be a pivot from Wake’s Leeches (which graced last year’s list) to Deposphorus’ dominating Night Sky Transform. Dephosphorus had backed off the artistry of Axiom for something more primal and vicious, which put them firmly in Wake’s realm, giving the pairing a wonderful balance from side to side. This is absolutely everything you want in a split experience: two bands at the top of their game that clearly enjoyed the idea of working together.

N.S.T. review @ Rice Factory



Very good first LP release from this new band Dephosphorus. They have black, death, crust, grind and they mix perfectly altogether to come out with Night Sky Transform. I must admit I really felt in love with this band with just by first spinning. The vocal scream like there is no more tomorrow which I can give a, no, two thumb ups. The music is very solid with rustic guitar and perfect balance bass but the drum kick is kinda low to my preference. Even the debut LP, the dynamic and maturity was there and I cannot wait for their next documentation.

Available from 7 Degrees Records

N.S.T. @ PopMatters’ Ragnarök: 2012 Gloomy Awards

We’re stoked that N.S.T. has made it into PopMatters’ Ragnarök: 2012 Gloomy Awards!

It always feels great when we find out that fellow music lovers are carried away and inspired by our music and concept. Thanks Craig!

Dephosphorus: Night Sky Transform

Greek trio Dephosphorus’s second full-length Night Sky Transform contains elements of grindcore, death metal, black metal, sludge, noise rock and post-hardcore—the blending of all being highly dexterous and original. The album’s conceptual arc tackled big ideas. Gazing into the cosmos, Dephosphorus asked deep questions about our place in the universe, wrapping that inquiry around grinding, angular and aggressive tunes that rapidly shifted tempo and veered off to encompass those myriad metallic styles. Underpinning all was an evolving search for meaning that fearlessly ignored genre and defied categorization, with the band harnessing whatever tools it required to investigate the unknowable. Innovation and introspection were the keys to Night Sky Transform‘s attraction. Dephosphorus had impressed with,Axiom, its astro-grinding debut, but Night Sky Transformwasn’t so much a ‘one small step’ forward, more a ‘giant leap’. From production, arrangement and delivery to its meteoric impact, Night Sky Transform was imaginative and intelligent, melding philosophic and scientific uncertainties into formidable and inventive action.

See also: Cosmos & Culture, Cultural Evolution in a Cosmic Context by Steven J Dick and Mark L Lupisella (a free NASA e-book that inspired the band), Cold Womb Descent ( Rise of Ldaovh, an ambient project crafted by two astronomers, and influenced by “astral creations and clouds of cosmic dust”) and VagusNerve, with its kosmische, feedbacking interstellar jaunt (Go Back to the Sirius).

N.S.T. @ La Fille Du Rock’s Top 10 for 2012!

Dephosphorus – Night sky transform
Pendant que la Grèce croule sous les dettes, les musiciens de Dephosphorus tirent de cette frustration un mélange entre black metal, grindcore et sludge corrosif qui en appelle à la fois à Darkthrone et à Unearthly Trance. En deux disques, l’évolution de ce trio en a fait l’une des valeurs montante à surveiller de très prêt quand on en juge par les qualités hypnotique d’Aurora, le morceau de conclusion. Parmi tout les groupes rétro, la voix de Dephosphorus s’élève bien haut comme une clameur de contestation en allant vers un avenir inclassable mais toujours extrême.

N.S.T. #1 at Perpetual Strife’s top 2012!!!

We are extremely honored of your support and appreciation guys…

The End Time: Best Albums of 2012

Dephosphorus –
Night Sky Transform

Whoa baby. While everyone’s been oo’ing and ah’ing over last year’sAxiom it wasn’t until Night Sky Transform that I became absolutely OBSESSED with this band. Grindcore without any boundaries, Night Sky Transform showcases immense songwriting, great lyrics, and an awesome mood. P//S Review

N.S.T. @ Intervalo Banger’s top 30 list for 2012

N.S.T. review @

Very comprehensive and extremely flattering N.S.T. review! If you can read greek (or can cope with google translate), go for it!

N.S.T. review @ Seemingly Jaded

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been flopping it with listening to all the killer albums this year (maybe not as bad as Pitchfork) but here’s the album that will totally redeem myself.  Dephosphorus are a Greek clusterfuck of Grindcore, Post-Hardcore, and Black Metal, and it works beautifully.  This is a brutal and honest record that’s available on Bandcamp, as well as their first LP.  Could not recommend this album enough, this reminds me of the As We Draw, Alpinist, and Castevet LPs that I had on repeat in high school, if those albums had been drawn and quartered by Fuck the Facts.

N.S.T. review @ Metal Bandcamp

Dephosphorus’ debut album, Axiom, was a game changer. That transdimensional contraption is driven by ominous divinations, deranged sprints, and grinding grooves, its gears lubricated with a spectral sheen of black metal might. Axiom is, to put it lightly, sublime.

Night Sky Transform, released in August, reveals a band in rapid mutation. The grooves swing a bit wider, and the break-neck grind-vibe is often subsumed by sludgier sentiments. The bursts of wanton speed persist, but their movements are more controlled. Axiom’s sinister black aura is boiled down and poured over the proceedings in the form of mucilaginous arpeggiation. The cadence here is more varied, with wicked riffs rolling and rocking at various neck-wrecking velocities.

The album’s most striking moments manifest in the form of anomalous dirges. Several tracks feature clean vocals, chanted or semi-sung, drawing a sharp contrast to the throat-ripping diatribes Dephosphorus have thus far conveyed. “The Fermi Paradox” trudges in a hypnotic orbit while “Unconscious Excursion” emotes the livid mania of a Cobalt creation (with help from Ryan Lipynsky). The album’s lyrics detail apocalyptic astral conjurations, cosmos conquering crusades and visions of extraterrestrial bloodshed. These tales are all thankfully included in the bandcamp download; they’re an essential part of the listening experience.

While I might prefer Axiom’s precipitous sonic vision, Night Sky Transform is no less revelatory. Dephosphorus have built another bona fide beaut, shaping space and time into unfathomable and irresistible forms. Night Sky Transform is a harbinger. All Hail Aurora.

Dephosphorus feature including review&interview @ Lurker’s Path

Make sure you check out this new comprehensive Dephosphorus feature @ Lurker’s Path! It includes an in-depth “Night Sky Transform” review and an interview with Panos.

N.S.T. review @ Campaign For Musical Destruction (german)

A very positive review, courtesy of Campaign For Musical Destruction.

DEPHOSPHORUS – Night Sky Transform -Lp
Obwohl ich mich angesichts des Geschehens auf der “Axiom”-12″ und der Split-7″ mit den coolen WAKE seelisch und moralisch auf so einiges gefasst gemacht hatte, überrollen mich DEPHOSPHORUS mit ihrer Debütlangrille mühelos! Der beste Beweis dafür, dass die Griechen ihr Pulver noch lange nicht verschossen haben. Zwar ist festzustellen, dass heuer nicht mehr ganz so kaputt, abgefahren und stilistisch konsequent zwischen den Stühlen sitzend agiert wird, doch handzahm oder gar massenkompatibel schreiten die Herren Musikterroristen auf ihrem 10Tracker dennoch nicht zur Tat. Dabei scheint es, als ob DEPHOSPHORUS mit “Night Sky Transform” genau dort angekommen wären, wo sie ursprünglich mal hin wollten. Was gleich auffällt ist, dass der Sound um einiges druckvoller und erdiger als früher aus den Boxen dröhnt, dabei aber immer noch verdammt garstig klingt. Die Mucke selbst wurde hingegen von allem unnötigen Ballast befreit und streng auf das Nötigste reduziert. Somit bestimmt ein überaus bösartiger Minimalismus das Geschehen, dem die manchmal ausufernd verspielten Parts des Debüts gnadenlos zum Opfer gefallen sind. Das Grundgerüst der neuen Wuchtbrumme besteht einerseits aus räudigstem, zuweilen dissonant-vertracktem Black Metal und extremen Spielarten des Hardcore. In Bezug auf die letztgenannte Komponente kann gesagt werden, dass sich die auf der Split mit WAKE offenbar entdeckte Vorliebe für schnörkelloses Gegrinde und Gecruste auf “Night Sky Transform” manifestiert hat. Zwar gab es auch schon auf “Axiom” derartige Parts, bloß die waren nicht annähernd so derbe und tight eingezimmert. Chaotische Prügelorgien ohne Sinn und Speedlimit sucht man allerdings vergebens, denn DEPHOSPHORUS knüppeln songdienlich und wissen ganz genau, wenn es an der Zeit ist, das Bremspedal zu bedienen oder gar die Handbremse anzuziehen und dann monumental bis monolithisch alles platt zu walzen. Dass die Griechen derartige Tempowechsel nahezu perfekt beherrschen, daran dürfte angesichts ihrer bisher erbrachten Leistungen kein Zweifel bestehen! Elektronische Parts kommen nur noch selten aber dafür umso wirkungsvoller zum Einsatz. Was die eher gemäßigten (ok, alles ist relativ…) Sachen auf “Night Sky Transform” betrifft, ist an allererster Stelle der Track “The Fermi Paradox” zu nennen. Das Stück geht in Richtung doomiger Post/Noise Rock und wurde gesanglich vom DEPHOSPHORUS-Gitarristen Thanos Mantas und Ryan Lipynsky (u.a. UNEARTHLY TRANCE, THE HOWLING WIND & SERPENTINE PATH) intoniert. Obwohl es da jetzt ruhiger zugeht, haben wir es dennoch mit einer verdammt düsteren Angelegenheit zu tun, die entspanntes Zurücklehnen nahezu unmöglich macht. Völlig gekillt haben mich auch die “All Hail Aurora!”-Chants (wobei hier aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach die römische Göttin gemeint ist und nicht die Ex von Frank Schöbel, hehe!) des noch mal sämtliche Register ziehenden Rausschmeißers. Zumeist dominiert jedoch doch das oftmals hysterische, Gift + Galle speiende Gekeife, Geschrei und Geknurr von Sänger Panos, der seinen Stimmbändern wieder so einiges abverlangt. Textlich gibt’s erneut die volle Breitseite. Tja, was soll ich sagen? Hier mal der entsprechende Part aus der Labelinfo: “…Lyrically and aesthetically, whereas “Axiom” was a space opera of sorts, serving as an introduction to Dephosphorus’ metaphorical universe and its dynamics, painting them in an often abstract way, “Night Sky Transform” is more concrete. The concept is connected with local, planetary realities, the band’s political and philosophical convinctions revealed. The lyrics are centered around three poles: a) the convinction that intelligent life’s main focus should be to pursuit the comprehension of cosmos’ structure and purpose, b) the utter necessity for science and reason to prevail by whatever means necessary, and c) the current evolutions in cosmology and astrobiology…”. Ähm, ja… Soviel dazu. Alles andere als leicht verdauliche Kost, wenngleich durchaus interessant. Zum Schluss noch die Feststellung, dass die Platte vom Artwork und Layout her zum absolut Besten zählt, was mir in der letzten Zeit vor die Linse gekommen ist. Absoluter Wahnsinn! Neben 180 Gramm schwerem Vinyl gibt’s ein edel aufgemachtes Gatefold-Cover, ein Textblatt und ein dekoratives Poster. ElektronikerInnen dürfen sich zudem über einen Download-Code freuen. Wer/welche sich hingegen ausschließlich mit der MP3-Ausführung begnügt, kann diese unter für erschwingliche und lohnend angelegte 4 Euronen erwerben. VinylistInnen wenden sich bitte vertrauensvoll an 7 Degrees Records ( Dort gibt’s das Teil für 14 Euro (zuzüglich Porto und Verpackung), wobei das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis mehr als stimmig ist! [veröffentlicht via 7 Degrees Records, / Bandkontakt:] Gerste