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CVLT Nation’s Top 6 Greek Releases of 2013 by DEPHOSPHORUS

CVLT Nation’s Top 6  Greek Releases of 2013

“Night Sky Transform” review @ Braindead Zine

(…) Maybe I’m just saying this because of the country that they’re from, but on some level I can’t help but think of a slightly crusty, metalcore influenced grind version of Dead Congregation because of their tri-tone heavy riffs. That’s not a very accurate comparison, but in all honesty I’m stumped as to what bands to really compare this to. Perhaps I would describe it as an incredibly evil version of something like Human Remains (though that’s a stretch) mixed with Dead Congregation, Ulcerate and something like His Hero is Gone or From Ashes Rise. All in all, a damned fine album! (…)

DEPHOSPHORUS "Night Sky Transform" review @ Braindead Zine


CVLT Nation Artist to Artist Interview Series: Vuyvr Vs. Dephosphorus

CVLT Nation  Artist to Artist Interview Series Vuyvr Vs. Dephosphorus

From Greece With Outrage… Mixtape Curated by Dephosphorus

check out this greek mixtape we have curated for Cvlt Nation: