"Impossible Orbits" LP and remixed digital version out! https://wp.me/p13CF8-rs


“Rational Reappraisal”: first excerpt from new album “Impossible Orbits” streaming now!

Dear friends,

the time has come to give you a first taste from our forthcoming new album “Impossible Orbits”!

The CD and cassette versions will be released in June, courtesy of Selfmadegod Records. The digital version will be available exclusively via our Bandcamp page. The artwork has been designed by comrades Viral Graphics.

A vinyl version will also be produced (of corpse!) but will follow later.

So, ladies and gentlemen without further ado, “Rational Reappraisal”! Spread the word!


Listen to our cover of DISCHARGE’s “The Blood Runs Red”!



CVLT Nation’s Top 6 Greek Releases of 2013 by DEPHOSPHORUS

CVLT Nation’s Top 6  Greek Releases of 2013

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Gonzo Catatonic Doomhead (via Tiger Television)

A heretic capture of Copnehganen’s HEAVY DAYS IN DOOMTOWN
København, DENMARK

Several years ago a few friends associated with Dephosphorus and Blastbeat Mailmurder/Productions started a music/tech blogzine which didn’t work out like we would have hoped to (most of the team faded at some point  into silence and demotivation). As of today, one of the contributors and longtime comrade/friend, Pascal Cretain decided to post again! Read this fest report and share! Gonzo journalism at its finest!

Mega review/interview of the Hell Comes Home vol.1 split-7″ boxset.


Mega feature on the Hell Comes Home vol.1 split-7″ boxset that we’ve really been thrilled to be part of, including an interview with the label’s head honcho Joel.

(…) The young Greek band Dephosphorus are trying to see what happens in blending black metal, death metal, post-metal, grind and something else, as one can learn from their own definition of their style, “astrogrind” as well as deduce from their acclaimed production. The amazing track “Stargazing and Violence” starts with a suffocating vortex of unrelenting death metal riffs and strained screams and periodically giving way to “swinging” black metal contaminated by post-metal dissonance and surprising ambience via the insertion of clean vocals.(…)



N.S.T. #1 @ Jason Campbell (jgcsound)’s top 2012!