Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC out now!


Metal Archives page

Check out Dephosphorus page @ Metal Archives!

STRAIGHTHATE “Indigenous” review @ Grind&Punishment

Check out this cool review of “Indigenous” (thanks Andrew!), the debut CD of Panos’ and Thanos’ previous band STRAIGHTHATE.

“Indigenous” is still available as a nice digipack CD from BLASTBEAT MAILMURDER. Check also out the “Cannibalistik Society” t-shirt with a design done by our comrades Viral Graphics.


Biography 2011

We have updated our biography page with a more comprehensive version…

Most vox tracked,still shipping promos

— Most vokills of our debut full-length are tracked by now, so we’re almost done with the recording. The album’s tentative title is “Night Sky Transform”.

— As far as “Axiom” EP is concerned, we’re continuing to ship promos to labels.


“Axiom” promo, new LP status


We are now shipping “Axiom” promo EP to select record labels and magazines. If you run a label or write for a magazine and are interested to receive a copy, please drop us an email at dephosphorus [at] In all other cases, we hope that you’ll be able to get your hands on the actual release very soon!

The recordings of our debut LP ‘s music are completed at Northside studio with our good friend Miltos Schimatariotis who also did the mastering of “Axiom”. The vocals will be recorded in the near future. The sessions also include a few extra tracks that are destined for a split release. We are extremely excited about how it turns out; the new material is very different than “Axiom” and even more intense…

We will keep you posted.



“Axiom” excerpts available now!

“Continuum” & “On The Verge Of An Occurence”, two excerpts from “Axiom” are available now for download and can also be heard at our Facebook page! We’d love to read your feedback!

Artwork revealed

Hey there!

The mastering is done and the “Axiom” promo/EP is on its way to completion!

We would like to thank Viralgraphics for their outstanding work!

Here is the cover and the inlay artwork :

Extra thanks to Panos Alexiadis for his great work at mixing and Miltos Schimatariotis for the crushing mastering, you rule!

Samples here.

“Axiom” promo/EP progress

DEPHOSPHORUS “Axiom” promo/EP is almost ready. Mixing is almost finished, as well as the artwork/layout.

As per the personnel involved, Panos from Lunar Miasma is responsible for the mixing and Viral Graphics for the visual part. We will upload previews of the full artwork soon.

The band is already composing new songs for the DEPHOSPHORUS debut full-length.