DEPHOSPHORUS "Impossible Orbits" coming out in June!



Except our paypal store, you now have the possibility to use Bandcamp to order our merchandise. The prices are a little bit higher (due to the fee charged by Bandcamp), but they all include immediate lossless downloads – even our t-shirt!

“Night Sky Transform” MERCH UPDATE

The Blastbeat Mailmurder/Dephosphorus paypal store is now updated with “Night Sky Transform” LP, our new “Skull” t-shirt, both combined in bundles allowing you to save money by ordering multiple items together.

Best way of shipment in Greece is via αντικαταβολή/antikatavoli, therefore the locals are invited not to use the paypal store, but to  drop us an email instead (bodybag666 [at] ordephosphorus [at]

Oh and btw, if you can’t/won’t play vinyl, you can still support us by buying “Night Sky Transform”‘s digital version.


Order our releases (Dephosphorus/Wake split-7″EPDephosphorus/Great Falls split-7″EP,“Axiom”  MLP) and the “Tower” T-shirt from the BBM paypal store separately or as a special bundle. Alternatively, you can check out the BBM distro in order to combine Dephosphorus items with other cool stuff including the releases of our previous/other bands and projects: Straighthate, Injekting Khaos, Kommpound, Nafthalyn, Voidhead.

DEPHOSPHORUS/GREAT FALLS split-7″EP (incl. download code)

DEPHOSPHORUS/WAKE split-7″EP (incl. download code)


Design by Viral Graphics from the “Axiom” EP artwork. Available in Large and Girlie size, printed on top quality Fruit of the loom shirts. Grey ink on black shirt.

DEPHOSPHORUS “Axiom” gatefold 12″MLP

“Axiom” is DEPHOSPHORUS’ debut release available now as a glorious piece of vinyl wonder, thanks to excellent vinyl-only grind label 7 Degrees Records (Germany).

The mind expanding artwork is courtesy of Viral Graphics, notorious for concocting splendid designs for a variety of acts from Unearthly Trance to the Melvins.

The vinyl is wrapped in black inner sleeve and the whole is packaged in a plastic sleeve. An insert with the lyrics is also part of the bundle.

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