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Rest In Power L.G. Petrov (1972-2021)

As most (all?) of you, we are heartbroken by the tragic death of L.G. Petrov, taken away too early from this cruel world at the age of 49 after a fierce fight with bile duct cancer.

He was the emblematic frontman of one of Dephosphorus’ favorite bands and influences (the live cover of Say It In Slugs back when myself and Thanos played with Straighthate, was the high point of our opening set for Cursed (CA) -heavily influenced by Entombed themselves- in Athens circa 2005).

I still remember the excitement of seeing them live with him back in 1994 supporting Wolverine Blues by opening for Napalm Death in Paris. Even though they were technically the support act, a big part of the audience came just to see them – leaving just before ND!

LG had an inimitable voice, sounding at the same time deep, expressive and super angry.

Most importantly though, everybody knew him as an all around great guy. He was the archetype of the cool metalhead/musician/music lover: passionate, talented but never taking himself too seriously.

Our hearts go to this family, band mates and loved ones.

Gone but not forgotten – REST IN POWER!







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