"Impossible Orbits" LP and remixed digital version out! https://wp.me/p13CF8-rs


“Impossible Orbits” release gig announced and cassette version released, fourth album recorded.

Beast wishes from the Dephosphorus camp in the occasion of the winter solstice celebrations and the impending new year 2018!

  • “Impossible Orbits” release gig

As you probably have noticed by now, we rarely play live due to the geographical distance that separates our guitarist/songwriter Thanos who lives in Sweden, and the rest of the band. That’s why we are so excited to announce our second gig ever, which will also be the “Impossible Orbits” album release party! Please find the details below.


Ostilità siderale: interview @ metalitalia.com


3-page feature @ Metal Daze

Those of you who understand spanish should get their copy of Metal Daze magazine issue#4 (March 2013) right about now! It features a comprehensive 3-page feature with Dephosphorus.

The interview has been conducted by longtime supporter Mart Le Die from Modreg Records. All hails to him and to Walter, the mag’s chief editor!

Dephosphorus @ Metal Daze feature

Dephosphorus @ Metal Daze featureDephosphorus @ Metal Daze featureDephosphorus @ Metal Daze feature


Dephosphorus @ Rocknrolla Radioshow

Dephosphorus @ Rocknrolla Radioshow


CVLT Nation Artist to Artist Interview Series: Vuyvr Vs. Dephosphorus

CVLT Nation  Artist to Artist Interview Series Vuyvr Vs. Dephosphorus

Interview at Hails and Horns Magazine

Check out this interview that Thanos and Panos gave to Hail & Horns Magazine!

Dephosphorus feature including review&interview @ Lurker’s Path

Make sure you check out this new comprehensive Dephosphorus feature @ Lurker’s Path! It includes an in-depth “Night Sky Transform” review and an interview with Panos.


Interview @ Blasting Days webzine


Dephosphorus on the cover of Metal Hammer Greece’s inner extreme mag, Horror!

Brand new issue#333 of Metal Hammer Greece features Dephosphorus on the cover of its extreme mini-mag, Horror. A 4-page in-depth feature with the band is enclosed. Get it now!

Panos @ Go Fish Go! radio show this Thursday

Panos will be the guest of the Go Fish Go! radio show at www.noiseground.com, this Thursday (3rd of May) from 8:00pm until 10:00pm EET (aka Athens time). This will be in greek so unless you want to listen to some good tunes with two guys speaking an exotic language in between , this is better fit for the locals and their agents abroad.

Feel free to join the event created at facehook here.

Check out Projekt Fishtank, the webzine behind Go Fish Go!, here.

New interview online.

Check out this interview that Panos did with webzine Blasting Days:


You Grind…But Why?: Dephosphorus

Grind&Punishment, the genre’s überblog has featured Dephosphorus in the “You Grind…But Why?” series. Without futher ado check it out here: