Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC out now!

New track “Aurora” streaming now at Cvlt Nation’s “Blackened Everything Vol.VII” mixtape!

Brand new Dephosphorus track “Aurora”, the third excert from “Night Sky Transform” is streaming now on Cvlt Nation’s Mixtape Blackened Everything vol. VII!


  1. Boddicker: Every Crime A Trophy
  2. Harassor: Path of Self-Cannibalization
  3. Noose: Conjuration of Etheral Malevolence
  4. SKVLT: Blacksmith
  5. Split Cranium: Tiny Me
  6. We Are The Damned: Christian Orgy
  7. Khmer: Lenguas de fuego
  8. KATA SARKA: Mired In Spleen
  9. Young and in the Way: Times Are Cold
  10. Votnut: All Is Cold
  11. Little Sister: Hunting the Hunter
  12. Deaf Kids: Christianity Standards
  13. DEPHOSPHORUS: Aurora

  14. Negative Standards: VII
  15. God Harvest: Creatures
  16. Iskra: Nihil
  17. Wölfe: Track 01
  18. BLACK BREATH: Mother Abyss
  19. Stob Dearg: Satanic Lust
  20. Church Whip: Gutteral
  21. Aksumite: Invoke the Spirit Jackal Cloak

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