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N.S.T. review @Blasting Days webzine

Many people were awaiting this first Dephsphorus LP (called Night sky transform and released this august on vinyl by 7 degrees records. also available as digital download). Because we knew with Axiom in 2011, and more recently with the splits with Wake and with Great falls, that this greek band offers some high quality extreme metal and has something like a “supplément d’âme”. Dephosphorus music escapes labels but I would describe it as a blend of something like norwegian and french black metal for the main part but with also influences from Slayer (some riffs and some drumming parts), post-hardcore, crustgrind and noise rock. The vocals, going from black/death to powerviolence are great, with diversity and a good rythm (there are also spoken parts on two songs and a part by Ryan Lipsky from Unearthly trance). Same can be said about the guitar and drumming parts :  quality, diversity and personnality. The songs are cleverly crafted and efficiently played. The lyrics, like on the previous records, are different from most metal bands, the issues covered are more “spiritual”, about the universe, humanity etc. The progression since Axiom is mostly in the production which clearly improved and in some songs adding more diversity (some slower, atmospheric, “post” parts, the spoken parts, etc,. for ex the song called The Fermi paradox).
I was expecting something very good from Dephosphorus and I’m happy to say that I’m not disapointed.
listen to it and make your own opinion on their Bandcamp page.

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