Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC out now!


Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC release transmission



As of yesterday we have two new releases out: our 4th full-length album Sublimation & the Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) live tape!

You can order and stream them now at Bandcamp. We already have the Sublimation LP’s (including a few glass-clear ones!) and Astralaudioviolence tapes. The CD’s and shirts will reach us within the next few days.

Digital distribution on all major platforms is coming soon.

Shoot for order questions or other topics at dephosphorus [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also order both releases from our vocalist Panos’ Blastbeat Mailmurder distro by combining with ΒΒΜ releases or other items.

The live tape is also distributed by 7 Degrees Records, they should have their copies soon enough.

The amazing artwork for both releases has been designed by the usual suspects at Viral Graphics.



“Dagger” T-shirt out now!

Dagger design

Dagger design by Viral Graphics

You can now order our new T-shirt sporting Viral Graphics’ Dagger design from “Ravenous Solemnity” inner gatefold sleeve!

It’s printed on Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton HD shirts, black ink on white shirt. This high quality print has been done in the U.S.A. by Nightgaunt Graphics and it’s available on all sizes.


The “Tower” t-shirt is sold out!

The popular “Tower” t-shirt is sold out! If there is enough demand we will consider reprinting it in the future.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us by ordering it. Wear it proud!

Paypal store updated

As announced earlier, the Blastbeat Mailmurder/Dephosphorus paypal store is now updated with “Night Sky Transform” LP, our new “Skull” t-shirt, both combined in bundles allowing you to save money by ordering multiple items together.

Best way of shipment in Greece is via αντικαταβολή/antikatavoli, therefore the locals are invited not to use the paypal store, but to  drop us an email instead (bodybag666 [at] or dephosphorus [at]



“N.S.T.” LP + new t-shirt have arrived!

We have received at last our copies of the “Night Sky Transform” LP, as well as our new t-shirt! The LP is nice and feels solid and bulky, 7 Degrees Records did a fucking excellent job once again…

We’ll update our paypal store within the next hours, so watch out! Our local friends from Greece can contact us directly  via email, since it’s simpler to get it via “antikatavoli”, thus avoiding Paypal fees. There will be a post here notifying of the update, as well as a mail that you’ll receive if you’ve already contacted us in the past. Thanks for your patience and for the ongoing support!

“Night Sky Transform” packaging reveal, preorder open. New t-shirt coming!

Above is a picture of “Night Sky Transform”‘s LP packaging! It is pressed 180g heavy vinyl, includes a gatefold cover, poster and download code. You can preorder it right now from 7 Degrees Records (myspacefacebook – email: 7degreesrecords {at} gmx {dot} net).

You’ll also be able to order it directly from us when it will be out, on the 20th of August. We’ll also propose bundles with “Axiom”, both our split-7″EP’s, as well as our new t-shirt that we’re expecting in the next days! Please notice that the picture below is a mock-up preview, and not a photo of the actual product.

New t-shirt preview!

Here’s a preview of the design of our forthcoming new t-shirt. As always, it’s been designed by our talented  comrades Viral Graphics, all hails to them!

“Tower” t-shirt now available in XL too!

After popular demand we have repressed some t-shirts in XL size! BBM store is not yet updated with the new size but it will be in the next days. In the meanwhile, if you want to use it to place your order, chose whatever size and write in the comments that you want XL – or drop us an email.

UPDATE: Thanks to This Heart Is A Pipebomb for going the extra mile on this one.

Merchandise page added

Merchandise page added here

“Tower” t-shirt out now!

DEPHOSPHORUS “Tower” T-shirt
Design by Viral Graphics from the “Axiom” EP artwork. Available in Large, Medium and Girlie sizes, printed on top quality Fruit of the loom shirts. Grey ink on black shirt.

Design by Viral Graphics, print by This Heart Is A Pipe Bomb. All hailz to both!

12 euros including postage for Greece, 13 euros  including postage worldwide. Order it from the BBM paypal store

T-shirts E.T.A.: tomorrow!

We’ll have the t-shirts with the “Tower” design tomorrow. Available in Medium, Large, plus a handful of Girlie size.

Tower t-shirt

Within the next couple of weeks will be available the first DEPHOSPHORUS T-shirt!

It will sport the widely acclaimed “Tower” design from “Axiom” ‘s artwork plus the logo, both designed by eternal comrades Viral Graphics.

Brace yourselves…