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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIII by WAKE, feat. DEPHOSPHORUS and more!



Our comrades WAKE have curated a brutal mixtape for CVLT Nation and we’re featured alongside some excellent fucking acts. Check it out and make sure you don’t miss them if they visit your neighborhood on their Winter tour!

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIII WAKE


Oldies goldies: “Axiom” review @ Forbidden Magazine

“Axiom” review @ Plappernde Suelzen (German)

Die Hitze ist einfach nichts für die Sülzen. Kein Wunder also, dass es hier mal wieder etwas ruhiger zur Sache geht. Trotzdem lassen wir uns nicht lumpen und hauen wenigstens mal wieder gute Musik für umme hier rein. Axiom von Dephosphorus ist schwer einzuordnen und auch die Band betitelt ihren Stil als “Astrogrind”, aber wenn man was mit Crust, Death Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore, Punk und Powerviolence anfangen kann, kann einem wohl egal sein, ob man es nun Astrogrind oder sonst was nennt, denn das Ding ist dick, dick und dick. Wem die Platte so gut gefällt, kann sie sich auch als edle 12″ LP über den eigenenShop der Band besorgen und wenn Ihr schon dabei seid, könnt Ihr euch auch direkt das Nachfolgeralbum Night Sky Transform (beide LPs werden übrigens von 7DegreesRecords vertrieben) bestellen, welches zufälligerweise auch schon Morgen erscheinen soll! Also, wenn man schon schwitzen muss, dann wenigstens mit der richtigen musikalischen Untermalung.

“Axiom” review @ Violent Solutions Webzine (french)

“Axiom” review @ Global Domination

We already knew that some of the folks at Global Domination, which excellent motto is “Metal Deserves Better”, loved “Axiom” since it was featured on their top lists for 2011. They have recently published a proper “Axiom” review and rated it with 8.5/10 (which is a mark described eloquently described as “Satan smiles on your work. We smile with him and group masturbate”!):

First of all, this can be downloaded for free here. Secondly, it’s awesome. And when they actually sent it in to get reviewed, I finally got off my lazy ass to save this from the “Stubs” treatment.

Judging from their website, the guys in Dephosphorus seemingly know and understand what Global Domination is all about, so hi and kudos to them for that. Just change the “outspoken and opinionated” part into “correct” next time. Judging from “Axiom”, they also know and understand how to compose and execute great “Astrogrind”, as they call it. Translated into human language that means something along the lines of progressively chaotic, grindy death metal with cosmic, “astral” lyrical topics. No, it has nothing in common with Cynic.

The band, having an unexpectedly full sound for a three-piece with only two instruments, batter and burn their way through seven songs between 2:00 and 3:50, whose only concession to order seems to be that they’re sorted alphabetically. The rest is a raw-sounding amalgamation of booming drums, genuinely eerie-sounding guitar leads, high speed and wicked grooves. All that is mashed into a pulp and topped off with hollow, throaty death metal screaming. Yet after you get over the, at first glance, weirdly treble-heavy but “round” sound of the whole affair, you will find that all of these songs actually come across as decidedly well-arranged. Chaotic as it may appear, emanating from this audio nebula are interspersed, catchy bits that never let this become a meaningless noise wall.

Thus, the band manage to keep together what they source in bits and pieces from a lot of different influences: spaced-out Nocturnus-like synth samples (however a lot more tastefully employed) meet a production and feel analogous to Portal and dissonant proceedings à la Ulcerate, all combined with a healthy dose of grindcore. And in this sort of combination, this not only is a great album, but really a one-of-a-kind sounding effort. And how many new bands can claim that for their debut? Whatever number you have in mind, it’s actually less. Weird, huh? Now do yourself a favor and give “Axiom” a shot.

Cephalochromoscope vs. “Axiom”

Here’s what certainly is the most psychedelic rant written so far about “Axiom” 🙂

“Axiom” vs Decibel Magazine

This is a cool “Axiom” review published at Decibel Magazine (“America’s only monthly metal magazine”!). We don’t know in which issue it has appeared though.

This is Aneurysm-inducingly fast grind from Greeks who also have a fondness for death metal and are surprisingly adept at switching between profane crust and melody. Actually, this is just an intense band who are comfortable going between multiple genres, even adding hints of electronics, but never losing your complete attention. Emailing the label seems like the easiest way to pick up this gatefold and that’s exactly what you should do.

Great “Axiom” review @ Celebutard

This is the last time I put off listening to an album after reading rave reviews about it on blogs i typically trust. Not only because this album would have easily landed on my “best of” list….but because my brain feels neglected for having not listened to it sooner. First off, where the fuck did these dudes come from? Literally…..Greece. Metaphorically…..who the hell knows. I haven’t heard a debut album this insanely aggressive, original, well written and all around sick in a long time. What the fuck are they even playing? Grindcore? Crust Punk? Hardcore? Blackened Death Metal? Well they call it astrogrind but don’t get em wrong, there is nothing amorphous about their music. It goes for your throat from the first note to the last. It’s mainly the sound effects woven into the typically light speed execution that make the music sound like a singularity exploding into spacetime. They blend every aforementioned genre so beautifully that they have seriously created something unique. The way they transform one riff and genre into another (especially on the opening track) by playing around with chord progressions and tempo, is fucking incredible and gives each song a cohesion alot of bands can’t match. The vocalist is a man possessed. From hardcore/black metal screams to death metal growls, this guy is clearly passionate about what he does. The drumming is incredibly tight and organic sounding. No drum trigger bullshit here. Did I mention these guys are only a 3 piece? 3 PIECE?!? Take the dissonant hardcore of Converge and Botch, the rabid grindcore of Pig Destroyer and the unhinged blackened metal of Anaal Nathrakh, dip them in a cauldron of rotting carcasses and then blast the resultant nightmare into a black hole. Dephosphorus are set to take over. Believe it.
Click on myspace link above to get it on vinyl. Artwork and layout is beautiful.

Hear two new tracks from upcoming full length at Bandcamp.

“Axiom” @ Global Domination’s verdicts – Best of 2011

Global Domination is one of the most outspoken and opinionated webzines out there. Apparently a couple of their editors, as well as several forum members, digged “Axiom”!

#2 at Habakuk’s top-5 list:

After forumer Ryan Samuel’s (and others’) constant whoring, I finally checked out “Axiom”, and it’s definitely some of the best shit this year. Their mix of weird Ulcerations with a boomy, filthy Autopsy sound and catchy moments is made even better by the constant grind orientation.

“Close but no cigar’ at gk’s list:

Fantastic blend of grind, death and vaguely black metal type sounds. Debut album from this Greek band and it’s a legal and free download off their website. Essential stuff.

Check the full verdicts at:

“Axiom” #18 at Forever Cursed

From Greece arrives one of the best releases of 2011. “Axiom” from Dephosphorus. Before it was even released there was a lot of talking about this band. And after some tracks were unveiled, we had reasons to believe that this was going to be a blast. An powerful blast of fury. Mixing sludge with grind and other sub genres, “Axiom” is undoubtedly one of the freshest releases of 2011. The good news is that the band is already working on a new album “Night Sky Transform”, and judging by the quality of the tracks, something very powerful will be soon unleashed upon the Earth, just can’t wait for that.

“Axiom” review @ Public Stage (greek)

“Axiom” #5 in the category best greek release @


“Axiom” video review!

Check out this great “Axiom” video review by JGCSOUND!

“Axiom” #16 @ Intervalo Banger’s (BR) top 30

Astrogrind helenístico e/ou do bom português, música pra matar barata só no blast chinelada.

Axiom tem uma produção suja, quase necro pro estilo. É quase uma versão grind do Dead Congregation. Puta disco!

Destaque: Continuum

Harmonização: Caso você pretenda ir a outras galáxias, leve este disco na nave.’s top albums for 2011

This list is in alphabetical order:

“Axiom” #5 @ Grind&Punishment’s 2011 top 20!

Nothing prepared for me for the journey Greek grindonauts Dephosphorus had planned with debut mini-album Axiom. Nothing excites me more than to stumble across a never before heard of band that totally kicks my ass, and I’m still walking around with a bruised rump courtesy of Dephosphorus several months later. Easily the biggest surprise of the year, Axiom is also one of the best albums. It stitches together grind, crust, atmosphere and bits of black metal’s obsession with things unworldly; Axiom is one of the most compelling records I heard in 2011. The 12-inch gatefold put out by 7 Degrees is also ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and the best packaging to be found this year. Dephosphorus started the year as unknowns but they close it out with upcoming full length Night Sky Transform lodged at the top of my most anticipated list.

Amazing “Axiom” review in french!

Eklektik Rock, a very cool french webzine, has published an amazing review of “Axiom”. According to the  editor, “Axiom” is on top of his 2011 list and … <<<“Axiom” kills everything and in 20 minutes, Dephosphorus puts the record straight and annihilates all competition in terms of extreme metal/hardcore.>>>

J’ai un peu de mal à me décider cette année pour accoucher de ma fameuse liste de fin d’année, vous savez celle qui recense « les meilleurs albums de la terre de 2011 ». Enfin la liste est à peu près faite, mais l’ordre a tendance à changer un peu tous les jours. Comment décerner ma fameuse médaille d’or du coup ? C’est qu’on a des vrais problèmes hein en cette fin d’année ?

Ce problème est désormais réglé (ouf je respire) et le fait d’écouter cet album en boucle ces derniers jours m’a bien aidé il faut le dire. Bah oui, mon album de l’année 2011 c’est cet Axiom signé par les grecs de Dephosphorus. J’ai encore du mal à croire que ce soit leur premier « album » (et en fait il s’agit d’un EP mais on s’en fout, enfin sauf que du coup il est trop court forcément !). Certes Thanos (guitariste) et Panos (chanteur) qui ont monté le groupe (rejoints après par Nikos pour gérer les affaires de batterie tout ça), ne sont pas de parfaits débutants, ayant officié auparavant dans le groupe Straighthate (que je ne connais absolument pas je dois l’admettre), mais tout de même, la performance est assez saisissante pour un groupe qui devrait bientôt tout péter dans le monde de l’underground.

Si je devais décrire leur « astrogrind », genre auto-proclamé par les grecs eux-mêmes, je le décrirais comme un mélange de grind, death, punk, hardcore et sludge avec une pincée de black (dans les quelques dissonances qu’on entend par-ci par-là). Au risque de surprendre et pour simplifier je dirais qu’Axiom, me fait penser à une copulation barbare entre Napalm Death et Impure Wilhelmina. La comparaison avec les suisses (malheureusement disparus) paraîtra peut-être étrange, mais je la revendique totalement, notamment en ce qui concerne le chant arraché de Panos qui ressemble vraiment à ce que pouvait faire Michaël sur les premiers albums de IW mais aussi quant au son de guitare (dès « Collimator » ça me saute bien aux oreilles). On n’est parfois pas non plus loin de la crasse sludge de Unearthly Trance, groupe avec lequel Dephosphorus partage d’ailleurs de réelles affinités puisque Ryan Lipynsky participe au futur album du groupe à venir… bientôt on espère (car apparemment déjà enregistré)!

Pour autant, et malgré ces quelques références, Dephosphorus réussit l’exploit d’affirmer son style dès cette première sortie, mêlant sa crasse (avec la prod qui va bien) et son barbarisme d’apparence primaires, avec un sens aigu de la petite mélodie qui tue tout et qui s’instille sournoisement en toile de fond, permettant au propos pourtant extrême de ne jamais être indigeste. Ces petites mélodies presque spatiales (d’où le « astro » – grind) font toute la différence et conjuguées à un sens de l’immédiateté punk et à des compos qui ne tirent jamais en longueur en s’embourbant dans des tempos lourds, lents et chiants (à l’inverse de UT donc), rendent les 7 titres de cetalbum absolument irrésistibles et géniales.

Axiom tue tout, et en 20 minutes, Dephosphorus met les pendules à l’heure et annihile toute la concurrence en matière de métal/hardcore extrême. On ne peut décemment que reprocher 2 choses à Dephosphorus à ce stade : un EP c’est trop court quand c’est aussi bon (ce problème sera heureusement réglé dès 2012 avec la sortie de Night Sky Transform qui aura le bon goût de contenir le double de titres), et putain (j’en profite pour faire passer le message, Panos si tu me lis) « vous faites chier à ne sortir Axiom qu’en LP et téléchargement, on veut une version CD bordel !!! ».

Je garde l’appréciation de « Chef d’Oeuvre » pour l’album à venir (ne me décevez pas les gars pitié!), mais on n’en est déjà pas loin avec Axiom…

“Axiom” @ Deaf Sparrow’s Top Ten Of 2011!

Dephosphorus crushes cocks and balls and on its way, it shits all over all the grind albums put out in 2011. Yeah, yeah, we have all heard about how good Rotten Sound’s latest album is and yeah, whatever that sounds like grindcore and was released on Relapse shall be making the rounds of all the other lists, but in our book, quality grindcore has gone through a makeover and it has come out like a strange fruit with panda bear make up. Axiom, Dephosphorus’ first is an absolute beast of blast beasts, ripped throat screams and guitars so menacing you will instinctively have to hold onto your testicles as if they were the rounded and hairy embodiment of your mommy. In a day and age when Greece is broke as fuck, we thank for the utilities service in Athens and wish that the power never goes out in the ancient city. If only so that Dephosphorus continues to make albums as cock-crushing as Axiom.

“Axiom” is CVLT Nation’s #1 GRINDCORE/ POWER VIOLENCE Release of 2011!’s-top-six-grindcore-power-violence-releases-of-2011/

So check this out…how gnarly is gnarly? Better yet. how epic awesome is epic awesome?? Well, I’m hear to tell you the sounds that DEPHOSPHORUS creates on their debut record Axiom deserve all of these accolades & then some. This band is so sick they produced their own genre called astro grind. So you are probably asking yourself, what the fuck is this? From my point of view, it’s some of the heaviest shit that I have heard lately. Basically, DEPHOSPHORUS are some demented musical scientists that have mixed the torment of black metal, the animalistic power of grindcore, the rabid angst of hardcore, the FTW attitude of punk with buckets of blackened soul to produce a record that should be on everyone’s top ten list. While listening to this album, I feel like they are drilling holes into my skull, but I don’t mind because this music is rotting joy to my demented soul. The grooves that DEPHOSPHORUS conjure up are truly astro, they are deep & otherworldly. This band is a perfect example of laying everything on the line & hiding nothing – they put every ounce of their souls into each song. The riffs that you will experience on Axiom might leave you in a state of shock or maybe with just slight brain damage. The tones that the guitars make on this album speak a language of revolution & call for the overthrow of all of the corrupt beings on planet earth. The drumming on this album sounds like an ancient army on a warpath fighting for their rights against a maggot-eating emperor! Grindcore is only the jump off for DEPHOSPHORUS – each song weaves elements of so many different genres you can’t tell where one starts & the other ends, and this blending almost leaves me speechless. What else that gets me hyped about this band is their use of eerie & bugged-out sound effects that give your thoughts a space vehicle to travel on! Vocally, the screams & growls pack a vibe of blackened rage that can’t be ignored – actually while listening to them I get an energy boost. So when you hear their tracks COLLIMATOR or ON THE VERGE OF AN OCCURRENCE, if they don’t make you feel good to be alive, you just might be dead already! Plus, DEPHOSPHORUS get props for their sick album art by Viral Graphics.

‘Axiom’ nominated in the best greek release for 2011 category @ Rockmachine Awards

Why don’t you vote for us ladies & gentlemen?

“Axiom” #5 @ Equivoke/Sanakan’s Top 20 Albums of 2011 list!

I really didn’t expect anything in the grind/hardcore arena to top this year’s GridLink album especially from such a young band, but that’s what Axiom did in my opinion. I’m fucking addicted to this burst of chaotic energy in an absurd sense. A superb blend of breakneck cosmic grind, and crusty blackened hardcore expertly crafted into a truly fantastic and unique experience. Every song is memorable and paced so well, all elements gel together without becoming stale or crowded. The spacey overtone is wonderful. This band has incredible potential and what they display here is most likely only the tip of it.

“Axiom” review @ The Sound Of The Law (in french)

A righteous review in french… <<… Dephosphorus’ music is quite evident when we think about it. This fluidity is its power.>>


Anciens gratteux des grindeurs de Straigthhate rejoint par le batteur de Injekting Khaos (du black grec influencé par la scène française froide et haineuse façon Antaeus, à la recherche d’un label pour un nouveau mini LP), Desphosphorus vient de pondre un truc qui tourne en boucle chez moi.

Cet ep m’a tout simplement botté le cul, peut être autant que le 1er release de Superstatic Revolution. Assez narratif, diversifié et surtout très bien composé, Dephosphorus ne sonne pas pour autant posé ou stérile, loin là. La rage et le feeling sont palpables. N’hésitant pas à martyriser les futs dans des élans grind ou à perdre quelques neurones dans des plans crusty, les grecs nous envoient aussi un peu plus haut dans le ciel avec quelques plans spacy. Ne tombant pas dans le piège d’une surtechnicité stérile, Dephosphorus reste accessible à tout moment et privilégie les ambiances dissonantes et ne rechigne pas à lorgner vers le death ou le black. Chiadé tout en sonnant spontané. Finalement assez hors carcan, même si grind et post hardcore sont les premiers mots venant à l’esprit, la musique de Dephosphorus est en fait assez évidente quand on y pense. Cette fluidité est sa force.

On ajoute un artwork intéressant et des gars pas cons en inties.prochain album sous peu « Nigth Sky Transform ».tout est prêt, ne reste plus qu’à trouver un label.. Pas la peine de s’étendre plus que ça.

Two reviews of “Axiom in italian

Dephosphorus cominciano a fare robe nel 2008, in Grecia. Dopo anni di demo registrati e altri titititirititi, sbuca fuori Axiom, prodotto da una casa discografica tedesca. E son grosse esplosioni anagogiche e cosmiche in ovunquelato.
‘Sti mangia-aglio han svecchiato un genere come il grindcore nobilitandolo, a loro stesso dire, ad “astrogrind”, dando alla violenza dell’album un valore rituale e purificatorio altissimo e che ha radici enormemente antiche. Un certo tipo di esoteria simil-pitagorica permea tutto l’album sin dal titolo e dall’artwork. La geometria sonora e la perfezione della brutalità dell’album sono tutti i mezzi che i musicisti in questione usano per raggiungere la catarsi, per epurarsi, per diventare un puro esercizio di ragione nella sua accezione più antica, quella degli atti di pura forza che si eseguono in contrasto con la natura violenta della physis stessa. Copiosissimi viaggi metempsicotici ed elevazioni spirituali per un genere che s’era consegnato all’idolatria suicida di pochi fanatici che ne capiscono ben poco.

Tout court: adrenalina pura.

arrivano direttamente dalla Atene in tumulto che si devasta tra risse con la polizia e spese sociali ai supermercati, il debutto sulla breve distanza di questo trio che gode di un’ottima produzione e di una composizione a tratti davvero ispirata- visto che riesce a mettere più d’un accento personale su un territorio alla fine abbastanza difficile da scardinare e rinnovare come quello grind. ma i ragazzi hanno le carte in regola (e non lo dico soltanto io, pure ondarock lo dice) per prepararci un debutto su ellepì che potrebbe portare una devastazione sonica ancora mai vista in questo terzo, lugubre e riottoso millennio, non so se mi spiego? oh, io incrocio le dita, voi invece gugòlate i ragassi e ascoltatevi le sette tracce: promettono un gran bene.

qui il loro sito officiale dove trovate tutto, e quando dico tutto intendo proprio tutto (frì daunlò, ndr): dephosphorus!

“Axiom” #4 @ Corporate Demon’s top 10 list for 2011

4. Dephosphorus – Axiom
Sadly, I don’t even remember where I first read about Dephosphorus. I easily follow over 50 metal sites in my Google Reader. But I am eternally grateful to whoever it was that wrote about this album and enticed me to download it (they released it for free, I do not steal music). For about the first month after I had it on my computer I constantly found myself craving and revisiting it. So I ordered the vinyl, because these guys definitely deserve the support. Axiom hits every sweet spot in my body. Raw fucking energy, intelligent lyrics and a captivating aesthetic. If you haven’t heard this yet, download the free copy and give it a listen. And if you like it fucking buy it. Support the music you love. It feels good. Trust me.