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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIII by WAKE, feat. DEPHOSPHORUS and more!



Our comrades WAKE have curated a brutal mixtape for CVLT Nation and we’re featured alongside some excellent fucking acts. Check it out and make sure you don’t miss them if they visit your neighborhood on their Winter tour!

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIII WAKE

Oldies goldies: “Axiom” review @ Forbidden Magazine


“Axiom” review @ Plappernde Suelzen (German)


Die Hitze ist einfach nichts für die Sülzen. Kein Wunder also, dass es hier mal wieder etwas ruhiger zur Sache geht. Trotzdem lassen wir uns nicht lumpen und hauen wenigstens mal wieder gute Musik für umme hier rein. Axiom von Dephosphorus ist schwer einzuordnen und auch die Band betitelt ihren Stil als “Astrogrind”, aber wenn man was mit Crust, Death Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore, Punk und Powerviolence anfangen kann, kann einem wohl egal sein, ob man es nun Astrogrind oder sonst was nennt, denn das Ding ist dick, dick und dick. Wem die Platte so gut gefällt, kann sie sich auch als edle 12″ LP über den eigenenShop der Band besorgen und wenn Ihr schon dabei seid, könnt Ihr euch auch direkt das Nachfolgeralbum Night Sky Transform (beide LPs werden übrigens von 7DegreesRecords vertrieben) bestellen, welches zufälligerweise auch schon Morgen erscheinen soll! Also, wenn man schon schwitzen muss, dann wenigstens mit der richtigen musikalischen Untermalung.

“Axiom” review @ Violent Solutions Webzine (french)


“Axiom” review @ Global Domination

We already knew that some of the folks at Global Domination, which excellent motto is “Metal Deserves Better”, loved “Axiom” since it was featured on their top lists for 2011. They have recently published a proper “Axiom” review and rated it with 8.5/10 (which is a mark described eloquently described as “Satan smiles on your work. We smile with him and group masturbate”!):


First of all, this can be downloaded for free here. Secondly, it’s awesome. And when they actually sent it in to get reviewed, I finally got off my lazy ass to save this from the “Stubs” treatment.

Judging from their website, the guys in Dephosphorus seemingly know and understand what Global Domination is all about, so hi and kudos to them for that. Just change the “outspoken and opinionated” part into “correct” next time. Judging from “Axiom”, they also know and understand how to compose and execute great “Astrogrind”, as they call it. Translated into human language that means something along the lines of progressively chaotic, grindy death metal with cosmic, “astral” lyrical topics. No, it has nothing in common with Cynic.

The band, having an unexpectedly full sound for a three-piece with only two instruments, batter and burn their way through seven songs between 2:00 and 3:50, whose only concession to order seems to be that they’re sorted alphabetically. The rest is a raw-sounding amalgamation of booming drums, genuinely eerie-sounding guitar leads, high speed and wicked grooves. All that is mashed into a pulp and topped off with hollow, throaty death metal screaming. Yet after you get over the, at first glance, weirdly treble-heavy but “round” sound of the whole affair, you will find that all of these songs actually come across as decidedly well-arranged. Chaotic as it may appear, emanating from this audio nebula are interspersed, catchy bits that never let this become a meaningless noise wall.

Thus, the band manage to keep together what they source in bits and pieces from a lot of different influences: spaced-out Nocturnus-like synth samples (however a lot more tastefully employed) meet a production and feel analogous to Portal and dissonant proceedings à la Ulcerate, all combined with a healthy dose of grindcore. And in this sort of combination, this not only is a great album, but really a one-of-a-kind sounding effort. And how many new bands can claim that for their debut? Whatever number you have in mind, it’s actually less. Weird, huh? Now do yourself a favor and give “Axiom” a shot.

Cephalochromoscope vs. “Axiom”

Here’s what certainly is the most psychedelic rant written so far about “Axiom” 🙂


“Axiom” vs Decibel Magazine

This is a cool “Axiom” review published at Decibel Magazine (“America’s only monthly metal magazine”!). We don’t know in which issue it has appeared though.

This is Aneurysm-inducingly fast grind from Greeks who also have a fondness for death metal and are surprisingly adept at switching between profane crust and melody. Actually, this is just an intense band who are comfortable going between multiple genres, even adding hints of electronics, but never losing your complete attention. Emailing the label seems like the easiest way to pick up this gatefold and that’s exactly what you should do.