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“Axiom” @ Global Domination’s verdicts – Best of 2011

Global Domination is one of the most outspoken and opinionated webzines out there. Apparently a couple of their editors, as well as several forum members, digged “Axiom”!

#2 at Habakuk’s top-5 list:

After forumer Ryan Samuel’s (and others’) constant whoring, I finally checked out “Axiom”, and it’s definitely some of the best shit this year. Their mix of weird Ulcerations with a boomy, filthy Autopsy sound and catchy moments is made even better by the constant grind orientation.

“Close but no cigar’ at gk’s list:

Fantastic blend of grind, death and vaguely black metal type sounds. Debut album from this Greek band and it’s a legal and free download off their website. Essential stuff.

Check the full verdicts at:


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