Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC out now!

Great “Axiom” review @ Celebutard

This is the last time I put off listening to an album after reading rave reviews about it on blogs i typically trust. Not only because this album would have easily landed on my “best of” list….but because my brain feels neglected for having not listened to it sooner. First off, where the fuck did these dudes come from? Literally…..Greece. Metaphorically…..who the hell knows. I haven’t heard a debut album this insanely aggressive, original, well written and all around sick in a long time. What the fuck are they even playing? Grindcore? Crust Punk? Hardcore? Blackened Death Metal? Well they call it astrogrind but don’t get em wrong, there is nothing amorphous about their music. It goes for your throat from the first note to the last. It’s mainly the sound effects woven into the typically light speed execution that make the music sound like a singularity exploding into spacetime. They blend every aforementioned genre so beautifully that they have seriously created something unique. The way they transform one riff and genre into another (especially on the opening track) by playing around with chord progressions and tempo, is fucking incredible and gives each song a cohesion alot of bands can’t match. The vocalist is a man possessed. From hardcore/black metal screams to death metal growls, this guy is clearly passionate about what he does. The drumming is incredibly tight and organic sounding. No drum trigger bullshit here. Did I mention these guys are only a 3 piece? 3 PIECE?!? Take the dissonant hardcore of Converge and Botch, the rabid grindcore of Pig Destroyer and the unhinged blackened metal of Anaal Nathrakh, dip them in a cauldron of rotting carcasses and then blast the resultant nightmare into a black hole. Dephosphorus are set to take over. Believe it.
Click on myspace link above to get it on vinyl. Artwork and layout is beautiful.

Hear two new tracks from upcoming full length at Bandcamp.


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