Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC out now!


“Axiom” featured @ Kunal Nandi’s Top 10 for 2011!

We are glad that Kunal Nandi from Superfi Records has included “Axiom” in his top 10 list for 2011!!!

Dephosphorus – Axiom LP
Hard working Greek lads get their great self released CD onto wax. Bit crusty, nicely varied, always melodic and always evil.

DEPHOSPHORUS interview @ Metal Hammer Greece

Latest Metal Hammer Greece#324 (December 2011) features a 2-page interview with Dephosphorus. Move your ass to the kiosk and buy it!

Dephosphorus interview with Intervalo Banger zine (Brazil)

We made a cool interview with Vakka from brazilian blogzine Intervalo Banger. The original portuguese article can be browsed here, we’ve also made available the english version.

Make also sure you check out Vakka’s cool band, The Black Coffins!


Fellow scenester Ilias Apostolakis, singer of the mighty Sun Of Nothing, has done a cool interview with us for great webzine OUGH.

The interview is online in both its original greek form and translated in english. Check it out!

“Axiom” review @ Kickherteathin

Ever wondered what would happen if Pig Destroyer became a black metal band? Well here you go. You have blisteringly-icy blackened riffs backed by pounding grind riffage and powerful percussion. The choatic production lends a lot to their thick sound as it brings out the chunkiness of their tone and allows them to accentuate the more rhythmic elements of their music. Their are a lot of things that they do right on this release and I’ve got to give them credit for having me upon my first listen. Keep an eye on this band in the future, they’re onto something.

For Fans Of: The Secret, Anaal Nathrakh, Coffinworm, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Gaza, Deathspell Omega

Maximum Rocknroll Records of the Week: DEATHCAGE and DEPHOSPHORUS LPs



“Axiom” is one of the two records picked up as “records of the week” at the November issue of Maximum Rocknroll:

I absolutely love when I get a record to review, have never heard of the band yet within seconds of dropping the needle I’m floored and headbanging. DEPHOSPHORUS are onto something here. DEPHOSPHORUS is a three piece from Greece. Their sound is unique in that it is somewhat a mix of the older German metalcore sound and grindcore but with some electronics added. Every track sounds huge. It’s hard to believe this is just three people. “Collimator” could be a heavier BURIAL YEAR. “Continuum” has a slight metal leaning. “Dephosphorus” has more melodic guitars, has slower moments and more obvious electronics. The album has a cosmic or space and time theme throughout the lyrics. Wow. (7DegreesRecords)



Brand new Dephosphorus interview @!

Here’s some more reading for you: the interview that Panos did with Aggelos from Metalpaths webzine.

You can check it out here:,10455

CVLT Nation’s Artist to Artist Interview series: Unearthly Trance Vs. Dephosphorus!!!

We are honoured to kickstart CVLT Nation’s Artist to Artist Interview series, with a constructive interaction that we had with our comrade Ryan Lipynsky from Unearthly Trance/The Howling Wind! We are totally grateful to both Ryan and CVLT Nation.

Without further ado: 

“Axiom” review @ Αποδράσεις (greek) :

Από τις στάχτες των grind heroes Straighthate, γεννήθηκαν οι Dephosphorus. Μαυρίλα, βαρβαρότητα, καταιγισμός τεχνικών και πορωτικών σημείων, μεγαλειώδης αναλογικός ήχος, κυκλοφορία σε 12″ ιντσο βινύλιο και πολλά ακόμα είναι το Axiom.

Κολασμένη ατμόσφαιρα επικρατεί και στα εφτά τραγούδια των Αθηναίων. Πιο συγκεκριμένα έχουμε να κάνουμε με grind, αλλά όχι κάτι τυπικό και συνηθισμένο. Οι ίδιοι χρησιμοποιούν τον δικό τους όρο, Astrogrind το οποίο δεν έχω ιδέα τι σημαίνει. Θα το περιέγραφα προσωπικά σαν grind με black metal αισθητική. Θα μπορούσαν να ανήκουν στην Deathwish καθώς έχουν αυτό το noisy rock χαοτικό στοιχείο, αλλά θα ήταν άδικο καθώς τούτοι εδώ είναι μια κατηγόρία από μόνοι του, ένα είδος που δεν έχω ξανακούσει. Πραγματικά η μουσική τους είναι τελείως sick και βρωμόψυχη όσο δεν πάει, και είναι πιο evil, παγωμένη και πικρόχολη από πολλές black metal μπάντες.

Ανελέητα blast beats, φωνητικά που μου φέρνουν στο μυαλό έναν παρείσακτο σε ένα υπόγειο να ξερνάει τα σωθικά του, μεγαλειώδης αποκαλυπτικές στιγμές άπλετου μίσους και βλασφήμιας και κάτι απόκοσμο και πρωτόγονο. Παραγωγή βούρκος που βοηθάει στο πέρασμα όλων όσως προανέφερα στο αυτί και στίχοι που απαιτούν διάβασμα και υπομονή για την κατανόησή τους! To artwork είναι τέλειο αν και πολύπλοκο.

Οι Straighthate ήταν από τα αγαπημένα παιδιά της ελληνικής ακραίας μουσικής, αλλά οι Dephosphorus είναι το μέλλον του extreme metal/hardcore/punk γενικότερα και σε καμιά περίπτωση για μένα δεν μπορούν να συγκριθούν με τους SxH. Διατίθεται όπως προανέφερα σε 12” ιντσο βινύλιο από την Γερμανική 7 Degrees Records. Τέλειο!

DEPHOSPHORUS interview @ Executioner Zine (spanish)

Another great new interview in spanish has been published @ Executioner Zine. It’s been done with our  friend Jeroni. Check out his band Marasme, they have their debut album streaming at Bandcamp,and   it is also available as a free download and as a digisleeve CD.


Check out this in-depth interview with Panos, live now at DEAF SPARROW ZINE! 

DEPHOSPHORUS interview @ Iniciando Sesion (spanish)

Check out this great interview in spanish done with our friend from Argentina Martin Diel @ Modreg Records. It was done live and there has been a good interaction. It’s been published @ Iniciando Sesion blog. Muchas gracias!

Band & “Axiom” presentation @ CRUST DEMOS


Dephosphorus hail from Athens, Greece and was formed in 2008 by former members of Injekting Khaos and Sraighthate,”their mission statement is to create intense, aggressive music with a allegorical, cosmic concept”. Axiom tracks were recorded in 2010 and released on vinyl in 2011 by & 7 Degrees. Music wise this is close to grindcore with brutal vocals, blasting drums, slower breaks with black metal and crust hints while some technical death metal riffs appear here and there reminding of Straighthate (and this is natural since guitarist and bassist were in Straighthate) and Dead Congregation. As conclusion this can be described as Grind with elements from all the aforementioned genres, the band coins their music as astrogrind mainly because of the lyrical content. The artwork is excellent and was made by Viral Graphics. This is not a demo but an official vinyl release, it comes in 12 inches and the band offers it for free in their site. As for the future, they have already recorded 14 new tracks for upcoming releases having a cooperation with Ryan Lipynski (Unearthly Trance and Howling Wind).

“Axiom” review @ Necroslaughter (german)

Ein wenig albern ist es schon, wenn jede Band eine neue Genre-Schublade für sich aufmachen muss. Im Falle von DEPHOSPHORUS heißt der erwählte Neologismus “Astrogrind”. So unnötig das erfinden von neuen Stilbezeichnungen an sich eigentlich auch ist, so sehr kann ich der aktuellen MLP aber gleichermaßen bescheinigen: Mit einem Schlagwort lässt sich “Axiom” nicht beschreiben! Das macht die Musik der griechischen Experimentierfreunde in mehrfacher Hinsicht interessant. Zum einen stecken viele extreme Emotionen hinter “Axiom“. Verzweiflung, Wut, Hoffnung, Hass, die Bandbreite ist für gerade mal 20 Minuten weit gefächert und intensiv. Man merkt, dass die Musik aus den Herzen der drei Künstler stammt. Um diesen verfaulenden Blumenstrauß der Gefühle in ein noch dreckigeres musikalisches Kleid zu zwängen, bedient man sich an den finstersten Farbtöpfchen diverser Vorbilder. Man ist forsch und vorantreibend wie Sound Of Detestation oder alte Afgrund, pessimistisch und roh wie Tragedy und erlaubt sich die Dichte und Schmutzigkeit von The Atlas Moth. Wütender Grind mit Crust ist die Basis. Sludge, epischer Post-Hardcore sind die Zierde. Und die Akzente stammen aus dem Shoegaze, Black Metal und spacigen, wenngleich dezenten Samples. Eine wilde, experimentelle Mischung, die aber durchaus gefällt! Derweil “Knife Missle” etwas an die letzte Nachtmystium (“Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2“) erinnert, geht “Dephosphorus” eher zurück zu den traditionellen Wurzeln aus Hardcore und Grindcore um gegen Ende nur ein wenig mit dem Post-Rock zu liebäugeln. “On The Verge Of An Occurence” ist im Kontrast zum beklemmenden “Indulge Me In Silence” fast schon wieder hoffnungsvoll und umspielt den Hörer mit dickem D-Beat und spacigen Samples. DEPHOSPHORUS verweben auf “Axiom” einen überdeutlichen roten Faden in ihre Klangteppiche, erschaffen aber mit jedem Song wieder einen eigenen Mikrokosmos. Jedes dieser kleinen Inertialsysteme hat genug Individualität und Eigenständigkeit, um außerhalb des globalgalaktischen Kontexts zu funktionieren. Erfreulich wie aus so viel negativer Energie ein eigenes Profil erwachsen kann. Die Band wird deutlich zwischen anderen, düsteren und angepissten Bands platziert, aber gleichermaßen mit einem markanten, eigenen Gesicht kennzeichnet. In Zusammenarbeit mit 7 Degrees Records, Bandcamp und diversen One-Click-Hostern bieten DEPHOSPHORUS ein Rundum-Paket für Fans und interessierte. Man kann “Axiom” sowohl als Stream anhören, wie auch kostenlos runterladen. Wem die Musik gefällt und wer lieber etwas in der Hand hat, bekommt eine liebevoll aufgemachte 12″ MLP im Gatefold. Das Cover ist von simplen Motiv, in der Ausführung aber mit atomarem Detailgrad. Das restliche Artwork erscheint vergleichsweise minimalistisch ausgelegt. Doch durch die beiden Aspekte ergänzt sich das Gesamtbild zur variationsreichen Musik. Mit schwarzem Innersleeve (inkl. Seidenpapier-Innenfutteral) und Texteinleger wird alles um die schwarze Vinyl komplettiert. Wer die Möglichkeit hat, sollte sich dieses wunderschöne Gesamtkunsterwerk für nen 10er bei 7 Degrees Recordsordern – und bei dieser Gelegenheit vielleicht auch mal im restlichen Programm des Labels/Distros stöbern!

“Axiom” review @ Metal Hammer GR#321 (9/2011)

“Axiom” review @ Deaf Sparrow zine


Greek Blackened crusties Dephosphorous are politely suggesting that in case you like their music, you purchase a copy of Axiom, their debut recording, which has been released in a beautiful gatefold through 7 Degrees Records. If you want to get a full taste of it without going the illegal route you can head straight over to their site (see below) and download the full of Axiom for free. Chances are, that if you got some taste and a few bucks to spare your inner collector will go for it. We highly recommend it.

Sonically speaking Dephosphorous’ appeal is quite broad. Axiom isn’t exactly a full on black metal attack, but if that’s what you crave for, that’s exactly what you get. Axiom is wild, crazy sounding and still organized. With several dozens of self-contained hellacious passages, like during the most of “Continuum”, a D beat cut that oscillates between out of control ultra violent punk and downright satanic riffage. Meaning galvanized guitars dropping weird tonalities but kept in line by either blast beats or by a beat that’s one revolution short of a blast beat. It’s all very punky, but the coat of blasphemy is oh, so evident.

We live crazy times in the realms of extreme music. All the far out subgenres are coalescing nicely. It takes talent, huevos and effort on the part of the musicians to pull it off. Lucky for them, listeners have grown bolder and more open over the course of the last five years. Had Axiom been released a decade ago it would have been too much of an experimental album. An acquired taste even for those who like their noise left off center. Since this is 2011 and Profound Lore is the hippest label in the underground, Dephosphorous are just du jour.

Take that as you wish, but our assessment is more than positive and even more respectful. When it’s said that this is black metal, that’s just part of the equation, and when it’s said that Dephosphorous is a punk band that rings just as true. All around “On the Verge of An Occurence” we can feel the spikes and the boots up our asses. When Axiom grinds, it really grinds. And in the case of this funky number, it kicks the bucket subliminally and in outer space.

“Axiom” review @ Metalpaths Webzine–-axiom,9427

Axiom: 1.a self-evident truth that requires no proof. 2. a universally accepted principle or rule. 3. Logic, Mathematics: a proposition that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying the consequences that follow from it. These are the definitions of what an axiom is about. The new breed in the metal scene called Dephosphorus is the definition of what is made in order to be special, uncompromising, honest and above all: Hungry for creativity. I cannot see things elsewise because they give me the full right to write what is the only truth. And the truth is that these collective gentlemen came to become some of the best companions you could find for the year of 2011. Without even having to try that much to be more direct.

I am in love with some EP’s that have been released throughout the years. This is a good reason to see any EP with positive outlook from the beginning, as they tend to be better than some full length releases in many cases. In the case of this new uniquity, I only feel this is the beginning, where the band prepares the ground for what is about to follow with their upcoming full length album entitled ‘’Night Sky Transform’’ which will surely cause big surprise to the ones unaware of the band so far. What matters now is the ‘’Axiom’’ EP, the first effort of this power trio, with two of the members already having blasted their way with grindcorers Straighthate in the past and the third colleague belonging to the blackened league called Injekting Khaos.

The result is nothing but outstanding and special, as they managed to create a great mixture of black metal atmosphere with grindcore frenzy and ripping vocals to the verge of madness. Seven tracks lasting a little less than twenty minutes. And this is the only negative thing. I say negative because as soon as the EP is over, you get yourself needing some more material. I already crave for the full length to be released, as I believe this is only the spark that lit the fire in their future to come. ‘’Collimator’’ which opens the album leaves no room for relaxation, leaving you in a state of shock, just before ‘’Continuum’’ takes over and stops even before it begins, being the shortest of the seven tracks (these two could easily be one, they fit perfectly to each other).

‘’Dephosphorus’’ and ‘’Indulge Me In Silence’’ (the longest track of the EP) prepare the ground for what follows, which is the highlight of this release. The finishing trio starting with ‘’On The Verge Of An Occurence’’ (the best track in my opinion, combining Thorns with Napalm Death plus a Voivod touch in it), continuing with ‘’Knife Missile’’ and ending with ‘’The Long Crossing’’ is the best proof why this gatefold 12’’ MLP release must enter your home as soon as possible. It is also amazing the fact that this material has been recorded over a year ago and it sounds as if it is recorded…tomorrow! The production is as clean and dirty it needs in combination to be acknowledged as a plus to their sound and it surely gets you inside the alien atmosphere the want to create.

Adding the facts of the allegorical alien lyrical concept, the divine artwork (especially the ones who will get the vinyl will be astonished by the Axiom tower on the inlay) and the feeling that this band has a certain vision that can only lead to special and pleasant suprises, we can’t help but saying that Dephosphorus will surely be one of the future elite bands in the extreme scene. They have all it takes to achive this. Great lyrics, blasting music, outer spaced vocals, special sound and above all: Identity! They are described as astral grind. It’s all lies, it’s more than astral, it’s universal. I shall leave the last words to the final line of ‘’Collimator’’ just to show you what we are talking about: WHOEVER HEARD OF A MORTAL BODY HAVING AN IMMORTAL SOUL?

“Axiom” review @ Discos Inauditos (spanish)

El hibrido metal punk es el plato del dia. Sino se han dado cuenta, o están visitando los blogs de descarga equivocados o tienen un gusto repudiable.

Los últimos dos o tres años nos han dejado una resaca de lanzamientos que descontroladamente mezclan el metal extremo con el punk mas libidinoso. Es la vertiente del crust la que primero se mezclo con el death metal Sueco, el cual hacia comienzos de siglo hacia agua con un vacio creativo insoslayable. Para muestra de esta tendencia uno tan solo tiene que echarle una ojeada a la discografía de Southern Lord, el sello que fue una vez la dulce morada del doom y que en los últimos meses se ha dedicado casi exclusivamente a editar los sonidos crust-metaleros de Alpinist, All Pigs Must Die, Balaclava y Black Breath.

Hoy en dia, estas combinaciones han tomado forma orgiástica. Todo vale. Personalmente soy del favoritismo hacia aquello punks que mas le entran al black metal. Habiendo experimentado varias de estas propuestas, una cosa queda muy clara: todos los involucrados aprovechan la simplicidad del crust para propulsar su propia agenda. Por lo general, esto se traduce en temas simplistas, de mucha marcha, pero de poca calidad compositiva. Es precisamente por eso que Axiom, de los griegos Dephosphorus sorprende. Su secreto debe de tener algo que ver con sus constantes variables.

Si bien Dephosphorus no hacen camino, lo que si hacen es recorrer un gran trecho. Sus temas varian fluidamente entre el grind taladrante, el crust mas oxidante y el black metal juiciosamente ejecutado. ‘Astrogrind’ le dicen los miembros, como si estuvieramos hablando de musica extrema creada en el espacio.

Dephosphorus se formaron en el 2008 y a pesar de haber editado Axiom en formato vinilo a través del sello alemán 7 Degrees, han optado por ofrecerlo como descarga gratuita. Visite el Facebook de la banda, y entre sus Likes incluyen al sello Profound Lore. Curioso, pues desde la primera vez que escuche este disco pense en el sello Canadiense. Hay definitivamente aqui varios paralelos sonicos.

CVLT Nation’s Blackened Everything mixtape series Vol. IV



CVLT Nation has included “Collimator”, the opening rack of “Axiom” 12″MLP to Vol.IV of their “Blackened Everything” mixtape series. Check it out, it’s full of killer bands!

“Axiom” review @ (german) 

Wie schnöde wäre jetzt eine Anspielung auf die Finanzkrise, aber die Jungs von DEPHOSPHORUS kommen nun mal aus Griechenland und sind doch ganz anders als die blutleeren griechischen Kassen! Verzeiht, aber das musste raus… Kommen wir zur Sache: kaufen! Oder mindestens runterladen, netterweise gibt es das Death-Rumpelding nämlich als Gratisdownload. Dennoch lohnt sich die kleine Investition und ich möchte auch unmittelbar erläutern wieso. Denn “Axiom” gibt es nur als Schallplatte zu erwerben und als solche ist die leider sehr kurze Langrille nochmal um eine ganze Spur geiler, zumal das Gatefold ganz nett aufgemacht ist.

DEPHOSPHORUS spielen angeblich einen ganz innovativen “Astrogrind”. Da dieser Begriff eine ganze Menge Fremdschämpotenzial mit sich bringt und meiner Meinung nach der Musik nicht gerecht wird, möchte ich euch nun erklären, warum ich die Platte eher mit Death Metal bezeichnen würde. Thanos, Panos und Nikos rumpeln und scheppern so engagiert daher, dass einem das Herz in nostalgischer Freude einen kleinen Sprung macht. Das ganze Album ist rhythmisch sehr gekonnt, glänzt mit einiger Abwechslung und springt gekonnt von ultragroovigen Nackenbrechern zu punktgenauen Blasteinlagen. Das hört sich jetzt eigentlich eher nach einer sauber geschleckten Metalcore-Babypopo-Teeniegruppe an – aber neiiiin! “Axiom” ist eine Lifeaufnahme ohne Publikum, praktisch eine Proberaumaufnahme mit dem Charme lang vergangener Zeiten! Über der Aufnahme liegt dauerhaft eine Mattheit, eine Unreinheit, die sie zu einem sehr authentischen Erlebnis werden lässt. Mit anderen Bands vergleichen könnte man DEPHOSPHORUS eigentlich nur innerhalb einzelner Sequenzen. Da erinnert hier mal ein Riff oder Filling an Outros von SEPULTURA aus der “Roots”, da mal eine Minute an die “Under The Sign Of Hell” von GORGOROTH. Und auch einige andere Anleihen aus dem Black oder auch Thrash Metal tun diesem Werk gut, insgesamt ist es roh, ultrabrutal und ehrlich. Wirklich ein prima Death-Knaller, den ich sicherlich nicht nur zu Feiertagen auf dem Plattenteller servieren werde.

Was mir allerdings überhaupt nicht gefällt ist diese Vernarrtheit in die Idee, besonders kosmische Musik zu machen. Stellenweise wirkt “Axiom” gezwungen experimentell mit Synthie-Einschüben, die zwar diskret aber trotzdem störend sind. Auch die gern verwendeten offenen Akkorde und schrägen Fillings geben dem Vinyl kaum einen Astrocharakter, unterbrechen jedoch ziemlich coole Riffs viel zu früh und sind so nützlich wie ein Hühnerknochen quer im Hals. Und besonders schade ist das, weil die Griechischen Talente dieses Theater nun wirklich nicht nötig hätten. Insgesamt ist das Debüt aber gelungen und macht große Hoffnungen auf großartige Musik – vielleicht mit einem kleinen konzeptionellen Richtungswechsel, dann wär’s perfekt…


“Axiom” review @ The Executioner Zine (spanish)

Tras la disolución de su anterior banda, Straighthate, los señores Thanos Mantas y Panos Agoros (lo habéis adivinado, son griegos, y de la ciudad de Atenas en concreto) dieron forma a Dephosphorus, su nuevo proyecto con el que querían crear música intensa y agresiva, con un trasfondo alegórico y cósmico. Tras algunas demos se les unía Nikos Megariotis, batería de la banda Black/Death Injekting Khaos, para darle un toque más orgánico a su música, y cerraban así la formación que creó “Axion”, siete temas que grabaron en el verano del 2010.

Y estos griegos son un verdadero soplo de aire fresco; un mini LP de casi veinte minutos de duración en el que confluyen las influencias del Grindcore, Crust y Black Metal, así como de la psicodelia doomera que pueden tener Unearthly Trance o Ramesses (por algo llaman a su estilo “Astrogrind”). Temas más bien cortos, sin llegar el más largo a los cuatro minutos, donde un riffing muy Crust/Grind de la vieja escuela (aunque tampoco tan lejano a unos His Hero Is Gone e incluso a algo de Nasum) se encuentra con unas melodías y punteos a medio camino entre el Black nórdico y lo más diabólico del Prog setentero (¿alguien dijo King Crimson?) sobre una base percusiva que se pasea entre los blastbeats y los ritmos aplastantes, para dar forma a composiciones muy oníricas, a pesar de su violenta naturaleza.

“Axiom” es uno de esos discos que debajo de una capa de crudeza y brutalidad tanto a nivel compositivo como de producción (muy limitada y simplista) esconde una creatividad enorme. Pese a su corta duración contienen muchísimos cambios tanto de tempo como de atmósferas, y lo bien que evolucionan estas es toda una demostración de lo bien que saben llevar su música Dephosphorus, porque no me parece en absoluto tarea fácil combinar dos tendencias tan, aparentemente, alejadas. Como decía, la producción está bastante alejada de ser perfecta, es mucho más cercana a como puede sonar un disco de Crust o Black crudo, manteniendo las guitarras bastante agudas y sucias, sintiendo el golpe de las baquetas sobre el parche y no un beat de graves, sin masterizaciones que compacten el resultado… Sincero y sencillo, pero capaz de transportarte al más allá a la velocidad del rayo.

El vinilo es a 45rpm y del diseño del LP se ha encargado Viral Graphics, que ha hecho un trabajo simplemente alucinante tanto en la portada como en la ilustración interior, que de paso han aprovechado para hacer una camiseta. Y mientras tanto ellos ya han grabado catorce nuevos temas para su álbum debut “Night Sky Transform”, así como para un split EP en el que cuentan con la colaboración de Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance, Thralldom, The Howling Wind) poniendo letras, voces y un solo a un tema. ¿A qué cojones estáis esperando, como mínimo, para descargaros el disco que ofrecen gratuitamente en su web, y de paso luego comprarlo?

“Axiom” review @ Annihilate Next Week


I’ve been neglecting my inbox pretty much from the moment I created the account. I just now checked it for the first time in forever. Much to my surprise there was a number of bands contacting me about their demos/releases, and even more to my surprise most of them are pretty good.

First up is Dephosphorus. You’ve probably already heard them as they have been reviewed everywhere from The Living Doorway to Cvlt Nation. These guys totally slay, and I already had Axiom before they ever contacted me. I’m not usually in the business of posting stuff that’s all over the internet already if I can help it, but as an up and coming heavy-hitter who have been working their balls off and have produced an incredible record, I feel inclined to share this with any of my readers who may not have been made privy to this “Astrogrind Masterpiece In 7 Acts.”

Dephosphorus draw influence from all over the spectrums of heavy and grim shit. Band comparisons would be a pretty arduous task, so I’m not gonna touch that one. They are self-described as Astrogrind, which is pretty appropriate, it’s got all the scathing characteristics of grindcore as we know it, but it’s also very atmospheric and breaks the monotony of simple grind with dark sludgy passages and eerie underlying soundscapes.

There’s a little something for everyone in Axiom as long as you’re into banging your head to crucial tunes.

Yet another great “Axiom” review…

In terms of production, although not the overall sound, this is similar to Jon Chang’s Hayaino Daisuki. It’s got that same kind of pillow-over-everything muffle to it, but here it’s really effective. It kind of brings out the band’s sound almost as some sort of ambient grind. This is really weird, like some kind of deconstructed grind. The guitar is really thin sounding, almost unanimously drowned out by the loose rocking style of the blasting drums, with vocals that are a desperate spat out scream. Dephosphorus are Greek, were formed in 2008 and this is their first release. They describe their own sound as Astrogrind, which seems wholly appropriate too be honest. There’s no science fiction here, which that style descriptor kind of suggested to me at first, just a very expansive spaced out approach to Nasum-influenced grind, which I really enjoyed as it also reminded me of Dripping a little, due to the way it’s constructed. The blasting of the really natrual sounding drums is fantastic, whilst the looseness of the bands overall sound is a fantastic antidote if you’ve become numb to the overtly precise nature of a lot of recent death metal. There’s a grandiose tinge to the proceedings (particularly the much slower and drawn out fifth track, ‘Knife Missile’. The addition of some synth sounds in this track really increases the otherworldliness of the music. This is really enjoyable, original sounding grind, recommended to all fans of the genre, or non fans of the genre for that matter.

“Axiom” review @ CVLT NATION

So check this out…how gnarly is gnarly? Better yet. how epic awesome is epic awesome?? Well, I’m hear to tell you the sounds that DEPHOSPHORUS creates on their debut record Axiom deserve all of these accolades & then some. This band is so sick they produced their own genre called astro grind. So you are probably asking yourself, what the fuck is this? From my point of view, it’s some of the heaviest shit that I have heard lately. Basically, DEPHOSPHORUS are some demented musical scientists that have mixed the torment of black metal, the animalistic power of grindcore, the rabid angst of hardcore, the FTW attitude of punk with buckets of blackened soul to produce a record that should be on everyone’s top ten list. While listening to this album, I feel like they are drilling holes into my skull, but I don’t mind because this music is rotting joy to my demented soul. The grooves that DEPHOSPHORUS conjure up are truly astro, they are deep & otherworldly. This band is a perfect example of laying everything on the line & hiding nothing – they put every ounce of their souls into each song. The riffs that you will experience on Axiom might leave you in a state of shock or maybe with just slight brain damage. The tones that the guitars make on this album speak a language of revolution & call for the overthrow of all of the corrupt beings on planet earth. The drumming on this album sounds like an ancient army on a warpath fighting for their rights against a maggot-eating emperor! Grindcore is only the jump off for DEPHOSPHORUS – each song weaves elements of so many different genres you can’t tell where one starts & the other ends, and this blending almost leaves me speechless. What else that gets me hyped about this band is their use of eerie & bugged-out sound effects that give your thoughts a space vehicle to travel on! Vocally, the screams & growls pack a vibe of blackened rage that can’t be ignored – actually while listening to them I get an energy boost. So when you hear their tracks COLLIMATOR or ON THE VERGE OF AN OCCURRENCE, if they don’t make you feel good to be alive, you just might be dead already! Plus, DEPHOSPHORUS get props for their sick album art by Viral Graphics.