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“Axiom” review @ Annihilate Next Week


I’ve been neglecting my inbox pretty much from the moment I created the account. I just now checked it for the first time in forever. Much to my surprise there was a number of bands contacting me about their demos/releases, and even more to my surprise most of them are pretty good.

First up is Dephosphorus. You’ve probably already heard them as they have been reviewed everywhere from The Living Doorway to Cvlt Nation. These guys totally slay, and I already had Axiom before they ever contacted me. I’m not usually in the business of posting stuff that’s all over the internet already if I can help it, but as an up and coming heavy-hitter who have been working their balls off and have produced an incredible record, I feel inclined to share this with any of my readers who may not have been made privy to this “Astrogrind Masterpiece In 7 Acts.”

Dephosphorus draw influence from all over the spectrums of heavy and grim shit. Band comparisons would be a pretty arduous task, so I’m not gonna touch that one. They are self-described as Astrogrind, which is pretty appropriate, it’s got all the scathing characteristics of grindcore as we know it, but it’s also very atmospheric and breaks the monotony of simple grind with dark sludgy passages and eerie underlying soundscapes.

There’s a little something for everyone in Axiom as long as you’re into banging your head to crucial tunes.


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