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Yet another great “Axiom” review…

In terms of production, although not the overall sound, this is similar to Jon Chang’s Hayaino Daisuki. It’s got that same kind of pillow-over-everything muffle to it, but here it’s really effective. It kind of brings out the band’s sound almost as some sort of ambient grind. This is really weird, like some kind of deconstructed grind. The guitar is really thin sounding, almost unanimously drowned out by the loose rocking style of the blasting drums, with vocals that are a desperate spat out scream. Dephosphorus are Greek, were formed in 2008 and this is their first release. They describe their own sound as Astrogrind, which seems wholly appropriate too be honest. There’s no science fiction here, which that style descriptor kind of suggested to me at first, just a very expansive spaced out approach to Nasum-influenced grind, which I really enjoyed as it also reminded me of Dripping a little, due to the way it’s constructed. The blasting of the really natrual sounding drums is fantastic, whilst the looseness of the bands overall sound is a fantastic antidote if you’ve become numb to the overtly precise nature of a lot of recent death metal. There’s a grandiose tinge to the proceedings (particularly the much slower and drawn out fifth track, ‘Knife Missile’. The addition of some synth sounds in this track really increases the otherworldliness of the music. This is really enjoyable, original sounding grind, recommended to all fans of the genre, or non fans of the genre for that matter.


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