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“Axiom” review @ Deaf Sparrow zine


Greek Blackened crusties Dephosphorous are politely suggesting that in case you like their music, you purchase a copy of Axiom, their debut recording, which has been released in a beautiful gatefold through 7 Degrees Records. If you want to get a full taste of it without going the illegal route you can head straight over to their site (see below) and download the full of Axiom for free. Chances are, that if you got some taste and a few bucks to spare your inner collector will go for it. We highly recommend it.

Sonically speaking Dephosphorous’ appeal is quite broad. Axiom isn’t exactly a full on black metal attack, but if that’s what you crave for, that’s exactly what you get. Axiom is wild, crazy sounding and still organized. With several dozens of self-contained hellacious passages, like during the most of “Continuum”, a D beat cut that oscillates between out of control ultra violent punk and downright satanic riffage. Meaning galvanized guitars dropping weird tonalities but kept in line by either blast beats or by a beat that’s one revolution short of a blast beat. It’s all very punky, but the coat of blasphemy is oh, so evident.

We live crazy times in the realms of extreme music. All the far out subgenres are coalescing nicely. It takes talent, huevos and effort on the part of the musicians to pull it off. Lucky for them, listeners have grown bolder and more open over the course of the last five years. Had Axiom been released a decade ago it would have been too much of an experimental album. An acquired taste even for those who like their noise left off center. Since this is 2011 and Profound Lore is the hippest label in the underground, Dephosphorous are just du jour.

Take that as you wish, but our assessment is more than positive and even more respectful. When it’s said that this is black metal, that’s just part of the equation, and when it’s said that Dephosphorous is a punk band that rings just as true. All around “On the Verge of An Occurence” we can feel the spikes and the boots up our asses. When Axiom grinds, it really grinds. And in the case of this funky number, it kicks the bucket subliminally and in outer space.


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