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“Axiom” review @ CVLT NATION

So check this out…how gnarly is gnarly? Better yet. how epic awesome is epic awesome?? Well, I’m hear to tell you the sounds that DEPHOSPHORUS creates on their debut record Axiom deserve all of these accolades & then some. This band is so sick they produced their own genre called astro grind. So you are probably asking yourself, what the fuck is this? From my point of view, it’s some of the heaviest shit that I have heard lately. Basically, DEPHOSPHORUS are some demented musical scientists that have mixed the torment of black metal, the animalistic power of grindcore, the rabid angst of hardcore, the FTW attitude of punk with buckets of blackened soul to produce a record that should be on everyone’s top ten list. While listening to this album, I feel like they are drilling holes into my skull, but I don’t mind because this music is rotting joy to my demented soul. The grooves that DEPHOSPHORUS conjure up are truly astro, they are deep & otherworldly. This band is a perfect example of laying everything on the line & hiding nothing – they put every ounce of their souls into each song. The riffs that you will experience on Axiom might leave you in a state of shock or maybe with just slight brain damage. The tones that the guitars make on this album speak a language of revolution & call for the overthrow of all of the corrupt beings on planet earth. The drumming on this album sounds like an ancient army on a warpath fighting for their rights against a maggot-eating emperor! Grindcore is only the jump off for DEPHOSPHORUS – each song weaves elements of so many different genres you can’t tell where one starts & the other ends, and this blending almost leaves me speechless. What else that gets me hyped about this band is their use of eerie & bugged-out sound effects that give your thoughts a space vehicle to travel on! Vocally, the screams & growls pack a vibe of blackened rage that can’t be ignored – actually while listening to them I get an energy boost. So when you hear their tracks COLLIMATOR or ON THE VERGE OF AN OCCURRENCE, if they don’t make you feel good to be alive, you just might be dead already! Plus, DEPHOSPHORUS get props for their sick album art by Viral Graphics.


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