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Maximum Rocknroll Records of the Week: DEATHCAGE and DEPHOSPHORUS LPs



“Axiom” is one of the two records picked up as “records of the week” at the November issue of Maximum Rocknroll:

I absolutely love when I get a record to review, have never heard of the band yet within seconds of dropping the needle I’m floored and headbanging. DEPHOSPHORUS are onto something here. DEPHOSPHORUS is a three piece from Greece. Their sound is unique in that it is somewhat a mix of the older German metalcore sound and grindcore but with some electronics added. Every track sounds huge. It’s hard to believe this is just three people. “Collimator” could be a heavier BURIAL YEAR. “Continuum” has a slight metal leaning. “Dephosphorus” has more melodic guitars, has slower moments and more obvious electronics. The album has a cosmic or space and time theme throughout the lyrics. Wow. (7DegreesRecords)




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