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“Axiom” @ Deaf Sparrow’s Top Ten Of 2011!

Dephosphorus crushes cocks and balls and on its way, it shits all over all the grind albums put out in 2011. Yeah, yeah, we have all heard about how good Rotten Sound’s latest album is and yeah, whatever that sounds like grindcore and was released on Relapse shall be making the rounds of all the other lists, but in our book, quality grindcore has gone through a makeover and it has come out like a strange fruit with panda bear make up. Axiom, Dephosphorus’ first is an absolute beast of blast beasts, ripped throat screams and guitars so menacing you will instinctively have to hold onto your testicles as if they were the rounded and hairy embodiment of your mommy. In a day and age when Greece is broke as fuck, we thank for the utilities service in Athens and wish that the power never goes out in the ancient city. If only so that Dephosphorus continues to make albums as cock-crushing as Axiom.


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