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Dephosphorus/Great Falls split-7″ review @ Grind&Punishment!

Apparently Dephosphorus are gonna keep dribbling out new music in spurts until your balls are swollen and cerulean in anticipation for Night Sky Transform. Here’s one more astrogrind tune to keep you primed.
Unlike the comparatively pithy pack of songs they gave us on the Wake split, Dephosphorus go long with “Stargazing and Violence.” The lengthiest song in their repertoire to date, Dephosphorus had me worried at first because the first 30 seconds of the nearly four minute tune is spent beating to death one stomping riff. I’d feared the Greeks may have lost their touch, but then “Stargazing and Violence” supernovas into crystalline black metal spidering. That gets blended with blastbeat urgency and guitarist Thanos Mantas’ constantly shifting musical architecture that manages to bleed psychedlic swirls, shrill thrashings and downtempo introspection into a single protean tune. The one real misstep to the song are some really sour clean vocals at the midpoint, but they’re mercifully short and then erupt to one of drummer Nikos Megariotis’ finest blastbeat moments, a snare rolling snap that reminds of me of Kataklysm’s Max Duhamel at his best. “Stargazing and Violence” is only one song and one with some admittedly awkward components, but it shows once again how fearless Dephosphorus can be. They take a lot of chances here and most of them pay off. I’ve heard the ambitious Night Sky Transform and this actually serves as a nice Rosetta stone to decrypt Dephosphorus’ evolution since Axiom. (…)


N.S.T. review @ The Living Doorway

Those of you who were smart enough to have been around when I announced my top twenty of 2011 will recall a furious slab of space debris entitled Axiom by Grecian astro-grindersDephosphorus, which blasted like a hellbent meteor through a zillion other records and landed on my ‘best of’ list. It’s a year later, my friends, and time to feast your senses on their newest LPNight Sky Transform, which will waste no time in expanding and collapsing your cranium into so much insignificant space dust. As with Axiom, NST attacks with a similar blend of hardscrabble grinding chaos and blackened riffage, yet pushes further into the outer reaches with the use of atmospheric passages and clean vocals. Quite excellent. You can stream the whole goddamn thing for a while over on Cvlt Nation or just buy a bandcamp download. If it’s not your bag I guess you could be a chump and get that shitty new Faceless record instead, but I highly recommend not doing that. Have some fucking standards, for christ’s sake.

A bunch of reviews of both split-7″EP’s

Let’s recap on some press we’ve been getting lately.

Split with GREAT FALLS

Split with WAKE

Interview with Panos about Dephosphorus and more (in greek)

And finally, an old rant cum “Axiom” review we only came across lately, entitled “Don’t Miss Dephosphorus” @ Vitos Squid Stop And Death Metal Museum



Dephosphorus/Wake split-7″EP review @ Decibel Magazine

Dephosphorus/Wake split-7″ review @ Grind&Punishment!!!

Andrew Childers nailed it right once again with his inimitable, classy style!There is also a Wake “Leeches” giveaway at G&P, right here.

Wake and Dephosphorus are like grindcore Diet Coke and Mentos on this excellent split, featuring three songs from each. The unexpectedly volcanic pairing pushed the Canadian and Greek bands to excel, friendly competition bringing out the finest in both for the best split you’re likely to hear all year.
Dephosphorus’ three new songs are less spacey than their Axiom material. Instead, the Greek trio comes with a handful of more concise and single-mindedly aggressive songs. However, “The Cosmologist” retains some of the wormholed, time sliding twistiness of old. If they can marry this newfound intensity to Axiom’s ethereal nature, Night Sky Transform will easily be 2012’s most unbeatable album.
Panos Agoros’ vocals and Thanos Mantas’ guitar shred are both outstanding once again, but the biggest quantum leap forward comes from drummer Nikos Megariotis, whose snare work, in particular, is much improved and propels the songs with a newfound urgency. The blasting passages of “The Final Computronium” are things of beauty on par with a grindcore Parthenon. While the drumming on Axiom was competent, this split finds Megariotis driving and defining the songs in ways he never has before.
For their part, Canada’s Wake continue their tradition of snapping up great producers. They roped Scott Hull behind the boards for last year’s Leeches, but this outing they enlisted the knob twiddling efforts of Colin Marston. For all that star power though, Wake’s half of the split sounds squashed and muddy, particularly in comparison to Dephosphorus. But it’s far from fatal. While I would have preferred more definition, I can’t deny that “Veil of Odin” is probably the finest, most dynamic song they’ve ever penned. The opening frame lopes forward like a wolfpack catching the scent of a bleeding deer, just a heedless, headlong rush. Sliding toward the end, the song downshifts into a midtempo jam, giving everything space to breathe. The interplay between the pounding toms and churning bass upheaval, garlanded by single guitar note feedback, might be Wake’s finest moment.
Like there was ever any doubt, 7 Degrees has paired their two finest artists for a teaser platter, playing them off of each other in a way that shows off both Wake and Dephosphorus’ finest attributes and set them up with a package to best show off their quality. These are two great bands that deserve all the accolades they’ve earned.

Dephosphorus/Wake split-7″ review @ Full Metal Attorney

Dephosphorus/Wake split-7″ review @ Necroslaughter

Dephosphorus/Wake split review @ Equivoke

(…) Dephosphorus’ side is three tracks which will appear on their upcoming album, following up their phenomenal EP Axiom. After the release of an amazing creation like Axiom it’s going to be difficult for them to top themselves — such is curse of coming out of the gate with near perfection — but until Night Sky Transform is released Dephosphorus have decided to tease us with what they lay down here. If it’s any indication on what the rest of the album will sound like they may have managed to keep up the quality that Axiom displayed.

They continue to follow their unique formula of combining grindcore, death metal and crusty blackened-hardcore with an astral flavor to birth short (much shorter than Axiom’s tracks) and powerful transcendent songs, all three filled with strange yet catchy sharp riffs that blend comfortably with the violent scorching rasps of Panos, and unrelenting hyper-speed drumming. Moments of groovy powerchords help to slow down the pace before taking off into blast beats and swirling shreds; The Cosmologist exemplifies this perfectly. Dephosphorus have shown that they’re not satisfied with resting on the success of Axiom. Once again they display their ability to craft furious sounds — well arranged, thoughtfully written and tightly performed with a thick production while managing to retain their signature style. A searing, cacophonous and spacy journey as only they can conceive. (…)


“Axiom” review @ Violent Solutions Webzine (french)

Dephosphorus/Wake split review @ Take Your Shot Fanzine

Dephosphorus/Wake split-7″ review @ Perpetual Strife

Split w/Wake review @ Stay Ahead metal blog

“(…) Side A is made up of three rapid-fire tracks from Dephosphorus. Unit is a huge sounding, wrecking ball of a song lasting for a minute and a half, and Dephosphorus even manage to inject some rock n roll influence into their sound. The Final Computronium begins in the same vein, but morphs into a more outright grind blast. The accented vocals of Panos Agoros making it sound even heavier. The Cosmologist starts off with a spoken word passage sitting atop of their instrumentation before one final lurching blast that completes their half of this split. (…) What a record this is. It takes multiple listens to fully appreciate, but both bands reward with skill and a rip-roaring morsel of grind at it’s best. As with other bands that 7 Degrees Records have released material with, both Dephosphorus and Wake make perfect bedfellows on what is an uncomplicated and blasting release.”

Split w/Wake review @ Casting Stone (greek)

Dephosphorus/Wake split-7″ review @ Blast Days webzine

” (…) The 3 Dephosphorus songs are a really interesting and crushing mix of black metal, grind and crust and the songwriting is really good so it really makes songs, with a distinct Dephosphorus identity and atmosphere, and not a hodgepodge of different elements. Unit is a fast song with an almost slayeresque intensity but keeping the Dephosphorus sound and complexity. the two other songs are more midtempo but also really good.  (…)”

New interview online.

Check out this interview that Panos did with webzine Blasting Days:

“Axiom” review @ Global Domination

We already knew that some of the folks at Global Domination, which excellent motto is “Metal Deserves Better”, loved “Axiom” since it was featured on their top lists for 2011. They have recently published a proper “Axiom” review and rated it with 8.5/10 (which is a mark described eloquently described as “Satan smiles on your work. We smile with him and group masturbate”!):

First of all, this can be downloaded for free here. Secondly, it’s awesome. And when they actually sent it in to get reviewed, I finally got off my lazy ass to save this from the “Stubs” treatment.

Judging from their website, the guys in Dephosphorus seemingly know and understand what Global Domination is all about, so hi and kudos to them for that. Just change the “outspoken and opinionated” part into “correct” next time. Judging from “Axiom”, they also know and understand how to compose and execute great “Astrogrind”, as they call it. Translated into human language that means something along the lines of progressively chaotic, grindy death metal with cosmic, “astral” lyrical topics. No, it has nothing in common with Cynic.

The band, having an unexpectedly full sound for a three-piece with only two instruments, batter and burn their way through seven songs between 2:00 and 3:50, whose only concession to order seems to be that they’re sorted alphabetically. The rest is a raw-sounding amalgamation of booming drums, genuinely eerie-sounding guitar leads, high speed and wicked grooves. All that is mashed into a pulp and topped off with hollow, throaty death metal screaming. Yet after you get over the, at first glance, weirdly treble-heavy but “round” sound of the whole affair, you will find that all of these songs actually come across as decidedly well-arranged. Chaotic as it may appear, emanating from this audio nebula are interspersed, catchy bits that never let this become a meaningless noise wall.

Thus, the band manage to keep together what they source in bits and pieces from a lot of different influences: spaced-out Nocturnus-like synth samples (however a lot more tastefully employed) meet a production and feel analogous to Portal and dissonant proceedings à la Ulcerate, all combined with a healthy dose of grindcore. And in this sort of combination, this not only is a great album, but really a one-of-a-kind sounding effort. And how many new bands can claim that for their debut? Whatever number you have in mind, it’s actually less. Weird, huh? Now do yourself a favor and give “Axiom” a shot.

Wake interview with a guest appearance by Panos

Grind & Punishment has published an  interview with our excellent comrades Wake where they also speak about our upcoming split together. Panos has done a brief cameo appearance speaking about the split.

Cephalochromoscope vs. “Axiom”

Here’s what certainly is the most psychedelic rant written so far about “Axiom” 🙂

“Axiom” vs Decibel Magazine

This is a cool “Axiom” review published at Decibel Magazine (“America’s only monthly metal magazine”!). We don’t know in which issue it has appeared though.

This is Aneurysm-inducingly fast grind from Greeks who also have a fondness for death metal and are surprisingly adept at switching between profane crust and melody. Actually, this is just an intense band who are comfortable going between multiple genres, even adding hints of electronics, but never losing your complete attention. Emailing the label seems like the easiest way to pick up this gatefold and that’s exactly what you should do.

Great “Axiom” review @ Celebutard

This is the last time I put off listening to an album after reading rave reviews about it on blogs i typically trust. Not only because this album would have easily landed on my “best of” list….but because my brain feels neglected for having not listened to it sooner. First off, where the fuck did these dudes come from? Literally…..Greece. Metaphorically…..who the hell knows. I haven’t heard a debut album this insanely aggressive, original, well written and all around sick in a long time. What the fuck are they even playing? Grindcore? Crust Punk? Hardcore? Blackened Death Metal? Well they call it astrogrind but don’t get em wrong, there is nothing amorphous about their music. It goes for your throat from the first note to the last. It’s mainly the sound effects woven into the typically light speed execution that make the music sound like a singularity exploding into spacetime. They blend every aforementioned genre so beautifully that they have seriously created something unique. The way they transform one riff and genre into another (especially on the opening track) by playing around with chord progressions and tempo, is fucking incredible and gives each song a cohesion alot of bands can’t match. The vocalist is a man possessed. From hardcore/black metal screams to death metal growls, this guy is clearly passionate about what he does. The drumming is incredibly tight and organic sounding. No drum trigger bullshit here. Did I mention these guys are only a 3 piece? 3 PIECE?!? Take the dissonant hardcore of Converge and Botch, the rabid grindcore of Pig Destroyer and the unhinged blackened metal of Anaal Nathrakh, dip them in a cauldron of rotting carcasses and then blast the resultant nightmare into a black hole. Dephosphorus are set to take over. Believe it.
Click on myspace link above to get it on vinyl. Artwork and layout is beautiful.

Hear two new tracks from upcoming full length at Bandcamp.

“Axiom” @ Global Domination’s verdicts – Best of 2011

Global Domination is one of the most outspoken and opinionated webzines out there. Apparently a couple of their editors, as well as several forum members, digged “Axiom”!

#2 at Habakuk’s top-5 list:

After forumer Ryan Samuel’s (and others’) constant whoring, I finally checked out “Axiom”, and it’s definitely some of the best shit this year. Their mix of weird Ulcerations with a boomy, filthy Autopsy sound and catchy moments is made even better by the constant grind orientation.

“Close but no cigar’ at gk’s list:

Fantastic blend of grind, death and vaguely black metal type sounds. Debut album from this Greek band and it’s a legal and free download off their website. Essential stuff.

Check the full verdicts at:

“Axiom” #18 at Forever Cursed

From Greece arrives one of the best releases of 2011. “Axiom” from Dephosphorus. Before it was even released there was a lot of talking about this band. And after some tracks were unveiled, we had reasons to believe that this was going to be a blast. An powerful blast of fury. Mixing sludge with grind and other sub genres, “Axiom” is undoubtedly one of the freshest releases of 2011. The good news is that the band is already working on a new album “Night Sky Transform”, and judging by the quality of the tracks, something very powerful will be soon unleashed upon the Earth, just can’t wait for that.

“Axiom” review @ Public Stage (greek)

“Axiom” #5 in the category best greek release @