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DEPHOSPHORUS “Ravenous Solemnity” review @

DEPHOSPHORUS "Ravenous Solemnity" review @


“Ravenous Solemnity” stocked @ (Karaoli Dimitriou 14, Halandri)

Just dropped off some “Ravenous Solemnity” LP’s @ (Karaoli Dimitriou 14, Halandri). They also have in stock the Dephosphorus & Blastbeat Mailmurder/Productions back catalogues!

The first batch of “R.S.” reviews [UPDATED]

update#6: @ Cvlt Nation

(…) Ravenous Solemnity is their third LP and indeed the longest to date. At this time the Greek three-piece have a virtually unshakable foundation weaved into their sound which allows them to reveal more of what their capable of, in longer form, with great confidence that what they take the time to cull and reap in their celestial navigation is devastating.  (…)

update#5: @ Lastrites

(…) This is definitely a more cerebral affair than an average death/black/grind fan will be able to tolerate. Tracks often only take shape in the twilight of the running time, only to suddenly end without notice (the title track being a notable example). The lyrics are often obtuse or conceptually indecipherable. There are reliable elements of genres scattered about, but Dephosphorus is pretty keen to let listeners sort that out on their own as they explore the spaces they’ve crafted. It ends up being more than interesting and deserving of the curious ear. Straight-laced types should probably look elsewhere.

update#4: @ Meat Mead Metal

 (…) Dephosphorus sure make outer space and grinding through the cosmos a pretty damn good time, and they certainly seem like a band that is capable of just about anything. They do so many things so well, and they always figure out a way to make all of those volatile parts work together. “Ravenous Solemnity” is a mind-blower of a record that proves this band fears no borders or lands unexplored, and once they get there and plant their flag in those regions, they are going to dominate everything.

update#3: @

(…) Πιο μεγάλο, πιο τεχνικό, πιο χαοτικό και πιο μεγαλοπρεπές από οτιδήποτε έχουν κάνει οι Dephosphorus μέχρι σήμερα, το “Ravenous Solemnity” είναι ένα μνημείο που θα το θυμόμαστε για χρόνια. (…)

update#2: @Krach und so …

update#1: @ The Elementary Revolt

(…) I must admit that has exceeded highest expectations, I am completely blown away. They manage to carry even further and majestically their sound, pushing boundaries with a urgent sense of unpredictability. (…)

@ Invisible Oranges

(…) You just feel the brainstem-level jolt. It’s smart material deployed to caveman ends. (…)

@ Heavy Blog Is Heavy

(…) Despite its near-colossal length though, Ravenous Solemnity is a mind-bending experiment in the strange and maddening depths of forward-thinking extreme metal fusion. (…)

@ Slackerblud

(…) Τα φωνητικά έχουν αλλάξει. Αυτό προσέχεις με τη μία. Η ευθύτητα αυξάνει κατακόρυφα. Χτυπάει στομάχι καλύτερα έτσι. Ενοχλεί. Η φάση με δαύτους ήταν ότι, παρότι οι κιθάρες ζύγιζαν και ζυγίζουν περί τα διακόσια κιλά, δεν καταλάβαινα ποτέ metal στον ήχο τους. Πάντα μου τα ‘σκαγε ωμή ειλικρίνεια. Έτσι κι εδώ. Μόνο που έχει παίξει τρελή εξέλιξη αυτή τη φορά. Ρε, μιλάμε για μνημειώδες έργο που δε χορταίνω ν΄ ακούω. Σημαντικό. Και σε φάση, ακούω indie ρε. Μέχρι Crust, D-Beat στη χειρότερη. Εντάξει, βρίσκονται τα τελευταία δύο είδη στο πόνημα. Σε γερές δόσεις. (…)

@ Rock Hard Greece

“Ravenous Solemnity” 2xLP/digital out now!

“Ravenous Solemnity” is out now including our most intense and majestic material to date. Thanks for helping us spread the word!

Those who preordered via BC will receive automagically a download link for the digital version. Physical pre-orders will be shipped this week.

You can order using one of the following options:

  • via our Bandcamp site (physical+digital): slightly more expensive but includes an instant lossless download.
  • from the Dephosphorus/Blastbeat Mailmurder paypal store (physical, includes download code): only the physical version, provides registered shipping options, slightly cheaper but doesn’t include an instant download. A download code is provided within the record though, so you will be able to redeem it upon reception of the physical item.
  • by dropping us an email at bodybag666 [at] (Greek residents should use that option for cheaper postage rates).
  • from our labels 7 Degrees Records and Handshake Inc. Our North American friends should order from Handshake Inc. who will provide for the first time proper distribution in the continent. Please notice that if you order the LP from their Bandcamp pages (here and here) you will also take advantage of an instant lossless download.

DEPHOSPHORUS "Ravenous Solemnity" 2xLP code
Hails for the ongoing support!


“Ravenous Solemnity” exclusive stream @ Invisible Oranges!

“Ravenous Solemnity” streaming now @

“Ravenous Solemnity” 2xLP/digital out on 10/2/14, exclusively streaming @ Invisible Oranges. Preorder now!

“Ravenous Solemnity” will be is streaming exclusively during the weekend courtesy of Invisible Oranges, we will notify you by a separate post when it will be online.

The album will be released next Monday (10th of Feb.) via 7 Degrees Records and Handshake Inc. as a double gatefold LP pressed on 180g heavy wax. It will be also available as a digital download from our Bandcamp site for a reasonable fee, also including as a bonus track our cover to DISCHARGE’s “The Blood Runs Red” (as appeared in “DISCHARGE Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing: The CVLT Nation Sessions”).

You can pre-order using one of the following options:

  • via our Bandcamp site (physical+digital): slightly more expensive but includes an instant lossless download to be redeemed next Monday upon release (and in the meantime you will have download access to album teaser  “There Is A Color”).
  • from the Dephosphorus/Blastbeat Mailmurder paypal store (physical, includes download code): only the physical version, provides registered shipping options, slightly cheaper but doesn’t include an instant download. A download code is provided within the record though, so you will be able to redeem it upon reception of the physical item.
  • by dropping us an email at bodybag666 [at] (Greek residents should use that option for cheaper postage rates).
  • from our labels 7 Degrees Records and Handshake Inc. Our North American friends should (pre-) order from Handshake Inc. who will provide for the first time proper distribution in the continent.

The wax specifications:

    • 180-gram vinyl pressed at 45 R.P.M.
    • Sturdy gatefold cover printed on reverse board 3000gsm paper, black inner sleeves.
    • Comes in protective plastic overbag.
    • Includes download code.

Please find below the press release.

DEPHOSPHORUS "Ravenous Solemnity"

Bundling all things extreme and heavy into a unique, coherent music style known as astrogrind, and endorsing a cosmic, mind expanding concept with the associated aesthetics, Dephosphorus are a creative force on the edge of the contemporary music scene.

Maintaining since 2011 and the now classic “Axiom” mini-LP high standards and a consistent discographic presence, they have been graced with the enthusiastic support of a cult following comprised of eclectic music lovers from all over the globe.

“Ravenous Solemnity”, the 2nd full-length album succeeding to 2012’s critically and fan acclaimed “Night Sky Transform”, marks a milestone for the band. The addition behind the drum kit of John Votsis, one the most talented and dedicated musicians of the local Greek scene, has been instrumental in making of this dense, 43-minute-long odyssey Dephosphorus’ most intense and majestic effort to date.

Illustrated once again with stunning artwork by analog visionaries and friends Viral Graphics, packaged as a glorious gatefold double LP pressed on 180g heavy wax by the good care of the band’s allies and vinyl specialists 7 Degrees Records in cooperation with Handshake Inc., the latter providing for the first time North American distribution for the band, “Ravenous Solemnity” is destined to be a classic gem in any extreme audiophile’s record collection. A digital version is available for a reasonable fee from the band’s Bandcamp page, while a cassette and possibly a CD  edition will follow at some point.

With Dephosphorus’ personnel being split between Greece and Sweden, the band is still not planning any live shows but it remains more dedicated than ever in challenging themselves and the underground audience. A collaborative split-LP effort with excellent Finnish comrades Haapoja approaches completion and will be released later this year.


  • 2011: “Axiom” mini-LP @ 7 Degrees Records
  • 2012: split-7”EP with WAKE (CA) @ 7 Degrees Records
  • 2012: split-7”EP with GREAT FALLS (US) @ Hell Comes Home
  • 2012: “Night Sky Transform” LP @ 7 Degrees Records
  • 2013: V/A “Monomaniac vol.2/3” @ Blastbeat Mailmurder è contributed exclusive track “Unknown To Thee”
  • 2014: V/A “The CVLT Nation Sessions: DISCHARGE’s seminal album Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing” è contributed “The Blood Runs Red”
  • 2014: “Ravenous Solemnity” 2xLP @ 7 Degrees Records/Handshake Inc.

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIII by WAKE, feat. DEPHOSPHORUS and more!



Our comrades WAKE have curated a brutal mixtape for CVLT Nation and we’re featured alongside some excellent fucking acts. Check it out and make sure you don’t miss them if they visit your neighborhood on their Winter tour!

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXXIII WAKE


Listen to our cover of DISCHARGE’s “The Blood Runs Red”!


Interview @ svartkorruption

Brand new interview in Greek!

“There Is A Color”: new track downloadable now!

Handshake Inc. & Alternative Tentacles Sampler

“There Is A Color”, an excerpt of our 2nd full-length album “Ravenous Solemnity” due out in late January 2014 by 7 Degrees Records and Handshake Inc, is downloadable right now as part of Invisible Oranges’ Handshake Inc./Alternative Tentacles/Mutants Of The Monster Sampler. The sampler also includes a brand new track from label mates Gridlink, as well as other great bands such as Wake, Total Fucking Destruction, Rwake, etc.

There is a color,
yet unseen.

There is a sea unsailed.
There is a sky,
awaiting to explode.

There is an essence,
yet uncharted.
There is a soil untrod.
There is a sound,
yet unheard.
A function unthought of.

There is a Void,
yet unperceived.
A Vacuum Invisible.
There is a color,
Slowly morphing.
A chasm unexplored.

There is a colour,
yet unseen.


  • guitars/bass: Thanos Mantas, vocals: Panos Agoros, drums: John Votsis
  • music by Thanos Mantas
  • lyrics by Tolis Yovanitis


CVLT Nation’s Top 6 Greek Releases of 2013 by DEPHOSPHORUS

CVLT Nation’s Top 6  Greek Releases of 2013


Good Reads: Intergalactic Planetary, Planetary Intergalactic a.k.a. Dephosphorus vs. Philip K.Dick [via Grind&Punishment]

Good Reads: Intergalactic Planetary, Planetary Intergalactic

Monomaniac vol.2/3 compilation LP feat. DEPHOSPHORUS out now!

The wait is over, Monomaniac vol.2/3 LP is out now!

You can stream/download it right now at the Blastbeat Mailmurder Bandcamp site. If you feel like supporting the Monomaniac series, please purchase the digital version – it’s available on a name-your-price basis.

The specifications of the vinyl:

— Black 12″ vinyl (140g).
— Pressed at 45 R.P.M. for maximum sound quality.
— Jackets printed on upgraded 300 gsm stock, coated paper, with 3mm spine.
— Ships in black inner sleeves and PVC overbags.
— In order to avoid seam splits during the transport, records ship in inner sleeves, outside jacket and all in PVC overbag.

You can purchase it using one of the options below. Please notice that you can save by ordering it bundled with Monomaniac vol.1 7″EP.

A few words about DEPHOSPHORUS’ contribution. Our track is called “Unknown To Thee” and its lyrics are taken from Alexander Pope’s “An Essay Of Man” (1734):

All Nature is but Art, unknown to thee;
All chance, direction, which thou canst not see
All discord, harmony not understood,
All partial evil, universal good.

It is the first DEPHOSPHORUS recording to appear featuring our new drummer John Votsis, following the departure of our previous drummer and friend Nikos Megariotis due to an arm injury. Fellow scenester Draenzarth from the local black metal horde END, has contributed providing session bass.

tracklist_detail LP_front3 LP_front2 LP_front LP_back label-II label-I credit_details corner_detail artwork_detail2 artwork_detail 3mm_spine

Buy our merch from Bandcamp in order to enjoy immediate lossless downloads!

Except our paypal store, you now have the possibility to use Bandcamp to order our merchandise. The prices are a little bit higher (due to the fee charged by Bandcamp), but they all include immediate lossless downloads – even our t-shirt!

Sociopathic Mixtape#5 feat. Dephosphorus & more. Download for free now!

Gonzo Catatonic Doomhead (via Tiger Television)

A heretic capture of Copnehganen’s HEAVY DAYS IN DOOMTOWN
København, DENMARK

Several years ago a few friends associated with Dephosphorus and Blastbeat Mailmurder/Productions started a music/tech blogzine which didn’t work out like we would have hoped to (most of the team faded at some point  into silence and demotivation). As of today, one of the contributors and longtime comrade/friend, Pascal Cretain decided to post again! Read this fest report and share! Gonzo journalism at its finest!

3-page feature @ Metal Daze

Those of you who understand spanish should get their copy of Metal Daze magazine issue#4 (March 2013) right about now! It features a comprehensive 3-page feature with Dephosphorus.

The interview has been conducted by longtime supporter Mart Le Die from Modreg Records. All hails to him and to Walter, the mag’s chief editor!

Dephosphorus @ Metal Daze feature

Dephosphorus @ Metal Daze featureDephosphorus @ Metal Daze featureDephosphorus @ Metal Daze feature


Dephosphorus @ Rocknrolla Radioshow

Dephosphorus @ Rocknrolla Radioshow

“Night Sky Transform” review @ Braindead Zine

(…) Maybe I’m just saying this because of the country that they’re from, but on some level I can’t help but think of a slightly crusty, metalcore influenced grind version of Dead Congregation because of their tri-tone heavy riffs. That’s not a very accurate comparison, but in all honesty I’m stumped as to what bands to really compare this to. Perhaps I would describe it as an incredibly evil version of something like Human Remains (though that’s a stretch) mixed with Dead Congregation, Ulcerate and something like His Hero is Gone or From Ashes Rise. All in all, a damned fine album! (…)

DEPHOSPHORUS "Night Sky Transform" review @ Braindead Zine

Record Store Day Special Offer @ Hell Comes Home.

Hell Come Hole vol.1 boxset

Hell Comes Home, the excellent Irish label which has released our split-7″EP with Great Falls as a part of their split series volume 1, has two great offers in order to celebrate the Record Store day.

Record Store Day Special Offer – 20% Off in our Online Shop

I don’t have any new or exclusive releases to offer for this year’s Record Store Day, but this shouldn’t hold us back from celebrating. So I’m more than happy to offer a 20% discount for all purchases in the online shop. This offer starts now and will last until the week-end is over. This is your chance to get a good deal on the Volume 1 Boxset.

Use the following coupon code at checkout : RCRD-STR-DY-13

Go to the online shop

Free Digital Download on Bandcamp

While I am at it I thought I may as well throw in a free download of the whole Volume 1 box set. That’s 24 bands, 24 songs of some the best loud and heavy music out there (according to me).

This offer will take place from now on until the week-end is over or the free downloads limit has been reached. Please, feel free to let your friends know. The more, the merrier!

Free digital download of Hell Comes Home Volume 1 Boxset 



CVLT Nation Artist to Artist Interview Series: Vuyvr Vs. Dephosphorus

CVLT Nation  Artist to Artist Interview Series Vuyvr Vs. Dephosphorus


CVLT Nation’s Artist to Artist Interview Series Dephosphorus Vs Vuyvr

CVLT Nation’s  Artist to Artist Interview Series Dephosphorus Vs Vuyvr

Dephosphorus participating in forthcoming Monomaniac vol.2/3 comp.12″EP!!!

MONOMANIAC comp.EP series by Blastbeat Mailmurder

You can find below all the info that is currently available about Monomaniac vol.2/3 comp.12″EP, due out in April via Panos’ label Blastbeat Mailmurder. We are going to contribute with a brand new track!

Monomaniac vol.2/3 is currently under the final phase of preparation. As we speak, mastering is being done by C.Sinclair of Diocletian/Witchrist fame, and Viral Graphics is designing the artwork and layout.

Brace yourselves by streaming right now the opening track, “Transmuting Rituals Of The Absolute” by WITCHRIST, introducing the band’s new vocalist!!!

There’s also been a change of plans concerning the format of the series. Still sticking to the original ~1 minute of music per band concept which is what the Monomaniac series are all about, we felt limited by seveninchers this time, and have therefore decided to opt for the appropriate format according to the needs and shape of each volume. So, instead of a double gatefold 7″, vol.2/3 will be a 12″EP spinning at 45 RPM. 

Please find below the full line-up:

Witchrist (New Zealand),

Weregoat (US),

Mutant Supremacy (USA),

Dephosphorus (Greece),

Gods Of Chaos (Croatia),

End (Greece),

Burial Hordes (Greece),

Ravencult (Greece),

Progress Of Inhumanity (Greece),

Black Hole Of Calcutta (USA),

Dødsferd (Greece),

Nadiwrath (Greece),

Wake (Canada),

Nocturnal Vomit (Greece),

Νecrosadist (Cyprus/UK),

Omega Monolith (Greece),

Skullshitter (USA),

Haapoja (Finland),

Monomakh (Australia).


Mega review/interview of the Hell Comes Home vol.1 split-7″ boxset.


Mega feature on the Hell Comes Home vol.1 split-7″ boxset that we’ve really been thrilled to be part of, including an interview with the label’s head honcho Joel.

(…) The young Greek band Dephosphorus are trying to see what happens in blending black metal, death metal, post-metal, grind and something else, as one can learn from their own definition of their style, “astrogrind” as well as deduce from their acclaimed production. The amazing track “Stargazing and Violence” starts with a suffocating vortex of unrelenting death metal riffs and strained screams and periodically giving way to “swinging” black metal contaminated by post-metal dissonance and surprising ambience via the insertion of clean vocals.(…)