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Record Store Day Special Offer @ Hell Comes Home.

Hell Come Hole vol.1 boxset

Hell Comes Home, the excellent Irish label which has released our split-7″EP with Great Falls as a part of their split series volume 1, has two great offers in order to celebrate the Record Store day.

Record Store Day Special Offer – 20% Off in our Online Shop

I don’t have any new or exclusive releases to offer for this year’s Record Store Day, but this shouldn’t hold us back from celebrating. So I’m more than happy to offer a 20% discount for all purchases in the online shop. This offer starts now and will last until the week-end is over. This is your chance to get a good deal on the Volume 1 Boxset.

Use the following coupon code at checkout : RCRD-STR-DY-13

Go to the online shop

Free Digital Download on Bandcamp

While I am at it I thought I may as well throw in a free download of the whole Volume 1 box set. That’s 24 bands, 24 songs of some the best loud and heavy music out there (according to me).

This offer will take place from now on until the week-end is over or the free downloads limit has been reached. Please, feel free to let your friends know. The more, the merrier!

Free digital download of Hell Comes Home Volume 1 Boxset 



Dephosphorus/Wake split-7″ out now @ 7 Degrees Records!

Our split-7″EP with Wake has just been released at 7 Degrees Records and it also includes a download-code!

We will have our own copies to sell next week. You can order it right now  directly from the label at ,

You will also be able within the next few days to stream a couple of tracks from the release so stay tuned.


This spring, 7 Degrees Records is bringing together Wake (Canada) and Dephosphorus(Greece) for what is destined to become a classic split-7”EP release!

Both bands have received wide praise in 2011 for their refreshing and relentless debuts… Wake with “Leeches” have demonstrated an uncanny ability in delivering ferocious grinding hardcore, with monumental songwriting and crucial no- nonsensical lyrical topics.  This time they recorded with Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Dhysrythmia…) at his Menegroth- The Thousand Caves studio in NY.

Dephosphorus on the other hand, caught everybody by surprise with “Axiom”’s astrogrind, an unheard combination of all things extreme and heavy with a mind expanding cosmic concept and awe inspiring aesthetics.

Both faces of the wax are symmetrical with each band contributing 3 short, furious tracks. The challenging task of combining into a single coherent vision Wake’s sociopolitical rage with Dephosphorus’ allegorical stellar realm, has been assigned to renowned visual craftsmen Viral Graphicsfor a result that is nothing short of breathtaking. The poster- insert is expanding appropriately the mayhem of the cover artwork.

With the help of DIYload 7Degrees provides download-codes with the vinyl.


Side I: Dephosphorus

1. Unit
2. The Final Computronium
3. The Cosmologist

Side II: Wake

1. Society Of The Gun
2. Thirst
3. Veil Of Odin