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“Axiom” review @ The Living Doorway

(…) That said, who’s up for some crusty Greek astrogrind? The dudes from Dephosphorus sent me over a link to their new raging onslaught of raw blackened grind entitled Axiom, and it is out-fucking-standing. From what initially sounds like a demo-quality production job comes some truly quality chaos – the tracks seethe with blasting fury and overwhelming dissonance, often unfolding into winding, trancelike journeys into the astral plane before reeling it all back in to tremolo-pick you to death. Scraggly vocals (that remind me of a less-unhinged Joshua Plague) trade back and forth with throaty guttural barks, giving it an almost powerviolence feel, but Dephosphorus breeze in and out of styles with such fluid confidence that it’s hard to pin it down to any singular genre. In fact, the entire record flies by at just about 20 minutes worth of material, with each track averaging about three mere minutes in length (20 minutes of recorded music since 2008? C’mon guys, you are going to have to pick up the pace in 2011, okay? I have a feeling a lot of people are gong to be clambering for new material soon).


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