Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC out now!


Monomaniac vol.2/3 compilation LP feat. DEPHOSPHORUS out now!

The wait is over, Monomaniac vol.2/3 LP is out now!

You can stream/download it right now at the Blastbeat Mailmurder Bandcamp site. If you feel like supporting the Monomaniac series, please purchase the digital version – it’s available on a name-your-price basis.

The specifications of the vinyl:

— Black 12″ vinyl (140g).
— Pressed at 45 R.P.M. for maximum sound quality.
— Jackets printed on upgraded 300 gsm stock, coated paper, with 3mm spine.
— Ships in black inner sleeves and PVC overbags.
— In order to avoid seam splits during the transport, records ship in inner sleeves, outside jacket and all in PVC overbag.

You can purchase it using one of the options below. Please notice that you can save by ordering it bundled with Monomaniac vol.1 7″EP.

A few words about DEPHOSPHORUS’ contribution. Our track is called “Unknown To Thee” and its lyrics are taken from Alexander Pope’s “An Essay Of Man” (1734):

All Nature is but Art, unknown to thee;
All chance, direction, which thou canst not see
All discord, harmony not understood,
All partial evil, universal good.

It is the first DEPHOSPHORUS recording to appear featuring our new drummer John Votsis, following the departure of our previous drummer and friend Nikos Megariotis due to an arm injury. Fellow scenester Draenzarth from the local black metal horde END, has contributed providing session bass.

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Dephosphorus participating in forthcoming Monomaniac vol.2/3 comp.12″EP!!!

MONOMANIAC comp.EP series by Blastbeat Mailmurder

You can find below all the info that is currently available about Monomaniac vol.2/3 comp.12″EP, due out in April via Panos’ label Blastbeat Mailmurder. We are going to contribute with a brand new track!

Monomaniac vol.2/3 is currently under the final phase of preparation. As we speak, mastering is being done by C.Sinclair of Diocletian/Witchrist fame, and Viral Graphics is designing the artwork and layout.

Brace yourselves by streaming right now the opening track, “Transmuting Rituals Of The Absolute” by WITCHRIST, introducing the band’s new vocalist!!!

There’s also been a change of plans concerning the format of the series. Still sticking to the original ~1 minute of music per band concept which is what the Monomaniac series are all about, we felt limited by seveninchers this time, and have therefore decided to opt for the appropriate format according to the needs and shape of each volume. So, instead of a double gatefold 7″, vol.2/3 will be a 12″EP spinning at 45 RPM. 

Please find below the full line-up:

Witchrist (New Zealand),

Weregoat (US),

Mutant Supremacy (USA),

Dephosphorus (Greece),

Gods Of Chaos (Croatia),

End (Greece),

Burial Hordes (Greece),

Ravencult (Greece),

Progress Of Inhumanity (Greece),

Black Hole Of Calcutta (USA),

Dødsferd (Greece),

Nadiwrath (Greece),

Wake (Canada),

Nocturnal Vomit (Greece),

Νecrosadist (Cyprus/UK),

Omega Monolith (Greece),

Skullshitter (USA),

Haapoja (Finland),

Monomakh (Australia).