Sublimation LP/CD & Astralaudioviolence (Live At Temple) MC out now!


Two names that should be synonymous with grindcore in 2012 are Dephosphorus andWake. Unfortunately this is not the case because these names do not reach far enough in today’s press circuit. But, fuck. They deserve it. Both of these bands are fucking phenomenal and they  both absolutely crush their respective sides on the new split 7” that they are putting out on 7 Degrees Records. I was so stoked to get this split because I have loved both of these bands for quite some time. I knew that this would be a premiere split to check out this year and boy, was I right.

Dephosphorus pick up side A and pummel your ear drums into the ground right off. Their shocking brand of pummeling psychedelic grind is one that never disappoints and always delivers. Crushing aggression and pinpoint accuracy are a must for Dephosphorus, which means that there are no mistakes or boring parts to their just-over four and a half minutes of pulverizing adrenaline.

Settling the album out on the B-side is Canadian destroyers Wake. I posted about this band a while back and I loved their music so I was extremely stoked to learn that they would be releasing this 7”. This band’s neogrind aspect is spot-on all day, every day. Spot on accuracy and precision with ever passage makes their side just as creative asDephosphorus’ side.

Throughout this release there no disappointments and no regrets. This split is definitely one of my favorites of the year thus far and there is so much more coming from both of these bands that I cannot wait to see what it is they come up with next. Hoo-rah,Dephosphorus and Wake. You left me wanting more.

Rating: 10/10

For fans of: DefeatistDead In The DirtTrap Them

Favorite track: “The Final Computronium”/”Veil Of Odin”

Label: 7 Degrees Records


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